African Animals

Read about the wild animals of Africa, watch them in action and even hear their roars and squeaks here, including all creatures from the Little to the Big Five.

  • 5 Remarkable Animals of Botswana's Epic Wilderness

    By Matthew Sterne |

    Blessed with some of the greatest wildlife spectacles on earth, Botswana is one of Africa’s greatest treasures. From the Okavango Delta to the Kalahari Desert, Botswana is a wildlife wonderland that is both immense and beguiling. It is in these iconic landscapes that the ruthless nature of the animal kingdom is truly revealed, as well as its beauty. These five classic animals of Botswana are examples of just that. The Buffalo-Hunting Lions of Duba Plains On a marshy island in the Okavango Delta, a pride of lions live in close contact with a herd of Cape buffalo. This unique habitat has led the lions to adapt their hunting skills, and the buffalo have become their primary source of prey. Instead of hunting at night, or at least in t...

  • Two Months After Cecil the Lion's Death - What Has Changed?

    By Matthew Sterne |

    The tragic death of Cecil the Lion in July generated an unprecedented global conversation about conservation and trophy hunting in Africa. Ricky Gervais tweeted about it, Jimmy Kimmel cried about it and social media users all over the world raged at the inhumane act. As sad as Cecil’s passing was, there have been some positive consequences. Delta, United and American Airlines banned the shipment of big-game trophies on flights and joined Etihad, Emirates, Virgin and many other airlines with the same policy. Donations poured in for Oxford’s Wildlife Conservation Unit (WildCRU) who were the team who installed Cecil’s tracking collar. Possibly the biggest positive was that the world’s attention turned to Africa’s hunting industry. The closer that the trophy hunting industry is scrutinis...

  • The Top 5 Things To Do in Uganda

    By Matthew Sterne |

    Bananas, Rolexes, boda-bodas and Michelle Pfeiffers. These are some of the things that await visitors to Uganda’s capital, Kampala. Bananas are everywhere you go in Uganda. Everywhere. Often you will see them stacked up impossibly high on top of the equally ubiquitous motorcycle taxis called boda-bodas. Everything and anything is carried by the boda-bodas. Fruit, livestock, bricks, furniture, people - all are piled on. Five people on one boda-boda is a Michelle Pfeiffer. A Rolex is Uganda’s version of a breakfast burrito. It is a rolled up chapati with scrambled eggs in it. That’s where the name “Rolex” comes from, rolled eggs. These quirky idiosyncrasies are a small part of what make Kampala such a vibrant African city and a traveler’s favourite. It is outside of the city, however, ...

  • Riding in Cars with Lions

    By Tamlin Wightman |

    I’m a little infatuated with lions right now. I could sit with them for hours. And by sit with them I obviously mean in a vehicle beside them. Because I’m not the bravest soul, just one wholly fascinated with these fierce creatures and at the same time terrified beyond the point of being able to keep my camera cocked. Several times on our last safari at Zarafa Camp in the Selinda, Botswana, a metre from two males, the blood, the breath, all the feeling in my body dropped through me like a lift falling several floors to a crashing halt at the bottom. I could not move. I blame our ranger but obviously that’s not fair. I didn’t see the lion flinch, I didn’t see him flicking his tail while his eyes locked onto me. I didn’t realise I shouldn’t move too quickly in the vehicle – I thought l...

  • The Mindful Approach to Saving Rhinos | World Rhino Day 2014

    By Tamlin Wightman |

    There is a movement quickly gaining momentum at present. While rooted in the East, in Buddhist philosophy, it is rearing its head (or mind) more and more in the West - in our yoga studios, offices, high schools, prisons... Its name is Mindfulness. The creation of a mindful society can only be a good thing - imagine a world run on compassion rather than competition. Consideration of others and awareness are central. A greater awareness of not only our thoughts, actions and values, but of our interconnectedness as humans with the rest of the planet. On World Rhino Day, this movement is especially significant - serving as a reminder that Homo sapiens are not separate from the other life forms we share earth with. This World Rhino Day, Wildlife ACT are focusing on the importance of insti...

  • The 6 Hour Battle at Londolozi - Buffalo Vs Lion

    By Tamlin Wightman |

    Epics such as this six hour battle between buffalo and lion at Londolozi Private Game Reserve are not uncommon in Africa. Such sightings quickly remind you that a safari in a private game reserve like the Sabi Sand is real and raw. Get the word zoo far from your mind. This is life untamed. It must have been a tense mix of fear and thrill – not wanting to turn away but tiring as the hours ticked on – for the fortunate travellers who watched the rumble unfold from the seats of their open game vehicle. Africa's animals, however, are no sissies... The Daily Mail article reporting on the battle explains how the two big cats targeted a buffalo bull "on a cold winter's morning in the bush, kick-starting a six-hour battle of endurance." We'd just like to interrupt this to say that som...