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  • Explore South Africa

    By Tamlin Wightman |

    South Africa. It's the Rainbow Nation. The land of everything. Where first world meets third. Where desert meets wetland, mountain meets beach and where the Big 5 meets 5 Star Luxury. It has a rich and fascinating history and an exciting present and future. Come to South Africa and you'll not just find what you're looking for from a holiday, but more - much more. Watch our latest video to whet your appetite: 10 Did You Knows about South Africa South Africa is twice the size of France, five times the size of Japan and three times the size of Texas, and is the 25th-largest country in the world! So diverse is it that it has deserts, mountains, escarpments, plateaus, grasslands, bush, wetlands and subtropical forests. South Africa has the oldest meteor scar in the world, jus...

  • Challenge4aCause Damaraland 2011: The Video

    By Tamlin Wightman |

    Twelve humble riders conquered the mighty Namibian Desert... This is their story. The challenge is now complete. The riders endured a grueling 300 kilometres through the harsh desert conditions of Namibia's Damaraland, to raise money and awareness to help save the desert-adapted black rhino and to donate to the Good Work Foundation and Wildlife ACT. It was a great success for the group, which consisted of Rhino Africa team leader, David Ryan, and riders from Singita Game Reserves, Ulusaba Private Game Reserve, the Royal Portfolio, and Tintswalo Lodges. Congratulations again to all the riders and thanks to our sponsors and suppliers! An extra big thank you to our valued clients, without whose continued patronage none of this critical conservation work would be possible... Watch th...

  • Meet The Big Five: Africa's Animals

    By Tamlin Wightman |

    What are the Big Five? No they're not some new Mafia group, although going head-to-head with them would be just as - if not more - daunting. If you've been on a safari in Africa, you'll have heard plenty about "The Big Five". It's a phrase that was coined by white hunters back in the day, referring to the five most difficult animals in Africa to hunt on foot and the degree of danger involved. It's still used today but also by tourist and wildlife guides leading African wildlife safaris and more in reference to these Big Five being the continent's greatest wild animals than treacherous to hunt. 1. Lion 2. African elephant 3. Rhinoceros - technically it's the black rhino that forms part of the Big Five, but you'll see in our video below that we've featured the white rhino. Fo...

  • We recommend: Lion Sands Game Reserve

    By Tamlin Wightman |

    I hate to admit it. But I do, secretly, enjoy The Bachelor. You know that highly predictable American reality TV show where man picks wife from herd of pretty vying prey. I shouldn’t because it’s so ridiculously patronising but not unlike the animal kingdom – competing for the alpha of the pack. And pointless in that the chosen one hardly ever remains The One. Nonetheless, the romance of it all is captivating. The destination dates with bubbling hot tubs, imported French Veuve Cliquot Champagne and red rose-petalled, white linen king-size beds; sparkly jewelled gifts in Tiffany boxes and more red roses... Sickening, but captivating. I wouldn't say no... We blogged earlier this year about The 2011 Bachelor Brad Womack’s trip to South Africa, where he took the three remaining ladies...

  • Explore Savanna

    By Tamlin Wightman |

    Our Rhino Africa videographer Ryan Rapaport headed out to the Savanna Private Game Reserve in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve, within the greater Kruger National Park conservancy. He spent a few days travelling in the Greater Kruger area, starting at Londolozi Game Reserve and then staying over at Tinga Game Reserve before Savanna. Watch the videos he filmed while there & read what he had to say below: Ryan's top five highlights Friendly people and service Stellar game viewing Luxury private accommodation Boma dinner and dancers Big bath tub Read the other benefits of staying in a private game reserve like Sabi Sand's Savanna here. Ryan says: "After some hectic and tiring tripping from Cape Town to and around Kruger, pulling into the Savanna Private Game Res...

  • Welcome to Cape Town!

    By Tamlin Wightman |

    Lose yourself in our video and find yourself in Cape Town... For those who have yet to step foot in this melting pot of a city, Cape Town, we introduce the Mother City to you here in a new video. But this is just a teaser – you’re going to want to experience iKapa for yourself. Up close! Cape Town was recently recognised as the world's top travel destination in the TripAdvisor 2011 Travellers' Choice Destination Awards, beating international competitors such as London and New York. And it’s obvious to us why. Europe and Africa unite in this city, which is considered to be one of the most multicultural in the world. With its varied landscape, good climate and well-developed infrastructure, it attracts tourists the world over. Highlights of Cape Town includ...