by Craig Harding on August 20, 2010
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We hope you brushed up on your general knowledge! The less you have to Google, the better obviously, although our quiz is intended to teach us all new things, so we don’t mind if you do. E-mail your answers to craig(at) and I’ll announce the winner and post the answers later today.

  1. Who was the Desert Fox?
  2. Which is the largest city in Africa?
  3. Name the largest oil producing country in Africa?
  4. What is the largest country in Africa?
  5. What is the largest game reserve in the world?
  6. How many species of giraffe are there?
  7. Name one.
  8. Other than the giraffe, name  the only other living member of the family Giraffidae?
  9. Name Africa’s smallest mammal.
  10. What colour are babies eyes at birth?
  11. Name the only other species of the family Giraffidae?
  12. What organs does Silicosis affect?
  13. What is the 2nd fastest animal in Africa after the cheetah?
  14. How many toes does a rhino have on each foot?
  15. Which mammal is responsible for more human deaths than any other in Africa?

Bonus: Name the following three Animals.

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