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Rhino Africa: Our Home Safari - Bringing Africa to your home

With so much to see across such a vast continent and attractions around every corner, how on earth would you ever be able to decide where to go first, or next, or just in your dreams? Not to fear, your safari experts have devised a quiz to tell you just where to go on safari in Africa when we can all travel again.

What do you most want to see on safari?

What would your preferred mode of transport be?

When you go to a party, you are most likely to...

Where would you rather have dinner?

Pick a cute baby animal

On your safari you would want to be...

If you could combine your safari with another destination, what would it be?

Wait, have you been on safari before?

Where should you go on safari next?
Okavango Delta, Botswana

You’re an adventure junkie and want to see as much of the wild as possible in as many ways as possible. In search of the adventure of a lifetime, the watery tendrils of the Delta are made for you! With a trip to the Okavango Delta, you can explore the landscape on foot, by boat, on traditional canoe, by a good old 4X4, or in the air with a light aircraft or hot air balloon.
Kruger, South Africa

You love the spotlight but are also versatile, adaptable, and enjoy camping as much as you like a 5-star holiday. Kruger is a terrific choice for both the seasoned and the first time safari-goer. It offers a wealth of choices, from the park itself and its array of camping sites and rest camps, to its more illustrious nooks such as Sabi Sand Game Reserve. Well? Get going!
Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda

You're a pretty seasoned safari-goer or simply looking for something that strays from the norm. You like to think you're in touch with yourself and nature, and this time you are looking for a holiday that is truly off the beaten track. Gorilla trekking through afro-montane forest in search of silverback mountain gorillas is definitely for you. Visit Bwindi Impenetrable Forest next!
Namib-Naukluft National Park, Namibia

You see the world a little differently than most and find beauty in places others might not. You thought you were Sheherazade or Aladdin growing up and always dreamed of going on a magic carpet ride (or, more recently, fantasised about quad-biking across a desert landscape a la Mad Max: Fury Road). The Namib-Naukluft National Park should be the next destination on your safari to-do list. Home to some of the highest dunes in the world, glaring salt pans, desert-adapted wildlife, and alluring desert lodges - a stay here will no doubt have you welcoming the impacts of climate change.
Serengeti, Tanzania

You're a bit of a dreamer and want to see the Africa that movies are made of. Well, here it is! The grassy plains of the Serengeti will have you ululating about the rains down in Africa and witnessing the Great Migration will let you reminisce on THAT scene in The Lion King. Too soon? Either way, the Serengeti has it all: the Big 5, acacia trees, fiery sunsets, and world-class lodges to boot.
Kwandwe Game Reserve, Eastern Cape, South Africa

So, you like the high life as much as you love wildlife and are more attracted to exclusive and bespoke holidays than last minute adventures. We get it, you'd rather have a close-knit dinner with those you love than dine with strangers. That’s OK, Kwandwe Game Reserve in South Africa's Eastern Cape is definitely for you. Get all of the wildlife with none of the crowds, and civilisation an hour away.

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