by Melanie Du Toit on March 1, 2018
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While the Big 5 is surely in need of no introduction, it makes sense for us to give credit where credit is due. As the most famous and celebrated collection of animals on the African continent, a Big 5 safari is on every tourists’ bucket list when visiting.

What could be better than seeing a leopard in a tree; a rhino browsing through the bush; elephants on their stately trudge through grassland; buffalo and their companions, the ox-pecker; and lions – the king of them all? Take a look at some of our favourite photos of Africa’s most iconic wildlife grouping and we’ll tell you just where to go to see them all.


Leopard pictured in a tree on safari

Cat got your tongue? It certainly got ours when we locked eyes with this beauty. This leopard was spotted while on safari in Moremi Game Reserve, the heart of the Okavango Delta.

A leopard in a tree in Botswana with the sunset behind it.

Cue The Lion King theme song, because this photo, taken in Botswana’s Khwai Concession, is one of those set to become iconic – it simply screams movie magic.


Two rhino on a hill spotted at Kwandwe Game Reserve in South Africa

It’s no surprise we have a really special place in our heart for our namesake. This mother and her baby were spotted while on safari at Kwandwe Private Game Reserve in South Africa.

Rhino with birds on his back spotted on safari in Botswana

The late afternoon sun provides the most awe-inspiring light to capture this rhino wading through tall grassland on Chief’s Island in the Okavango Delta.


A low-angle shot of an elephant in Botswana with palm trees in the background

Palm trees? Check. Blue skies? Check. Elephant standing in tall grass? Check. There’s something about this image, captured in Botswana’s Jao Concession, that simply oozes African allure.

Herd of elephants on the move in Kwandwe Private Game Reserve in South Africa

Dust flies as a herd of elephant briskly make their way through the dense brush of Kwandwe Private Game Reserve.


A large buffalo stares straight at the camera after he is snapped

In Southern Africa, old bull buffaloes who have separated from their herd are called ‘Dagger Boys’, while in East Africa they are called ‘The Generals’.

Areal shot of a herd of buffalo taken from the sky in Botswana

This incredible aerial footage of a herd of buffalo puts them in a whole new perspective. They were spotted in the Linyanti Wildlife Reserve close to the western borders of Chobe National Park.


Two lion cubs staring at the camera with the sun setting in the background

Furtive and aware, young lion cubs need to stay alert to stay alive. They may be Africa’s apex predator in the wild as adults, but as cubs they could fall prey to hyena. These two were spotted in Moremi Game Reserve.

A young, male lion lies submerged in the savannah grassland

This regal, young male paints a pretty picture as he rests in the sweeping grasslands typical of the landscape in the Khwai Concession Area.

The Best Places to Go on a Big 5 Safari

This illustrious and majestic menagerie can be found in several countries across Africa and we know just where you can go to see them.

South Africa





An elephant, a member of the Big 5, spraying itself with dust to keep cool

Now that you’ve marveled at them, do you know what member of the Big 5 is your spirit animal? Find out here.