June 15

African Bush Camp’s Exclusive Last-Minute Special Offer

June 15, 2018

At Rhino Africa, we are passionate about sharing Africa’s incredible wildlife and vibrant people with you. Here’s a little secret… there’s a special on for last-minute bookings to Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana. Our partners at African Bush Camps are giving you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to encounter the exceptional Victoria Falls, the Okavango Delta and some of Southern Africa’s most spectacular reserves – all at an incredible special rate.

And the best part? It’s on during the High Season between July and October – the perfect time for safaris.

Wondering why it’s incredible? See for yourself – these are all the amazing African Bush Camp properties you could be enjoying sumptuous sundowners and spectacular safaris at.

Last-Minute Special in Botswana:

Linyanti Bush Camp

Dinner under the stars at Linyanti Bush Camp
Dinner under the stars at Linyanti Bush Camp
Photo credit: Linyanti Bush Camp
The luxurious outdoor bathroom at Linyanti Bush Camp
Relax in the outdoor tubs of Linyanti Bush Camp as the sun goes down and watch the sky fill with stars
Photo credit: Linyanti Bush Camp

Linyanti Ebony Camp

The verandah at Linyanti Ebony
At Linyanti Ebony Camp, you can indulge in unforgettable experiences
Photo credit: Linyanti Ebony Camp
Spectacular natural environment in Linyanti Ebony Camp
Fall in love with nature at Linyanti Ebony Camp
Photo credit: Linyanti Ebony Camp

Khwai Tented Camp

People go canoeing on waters of Khwai Tented Camp
Experience the soothing waters at Khwai Tented Camp
Photo credit: Khwai Tented Camp
Khwai Tented Camp is luxurious inside
A luxurious Suite at Khwai Tented Camp
Photo credit : Khwai Tented Camp

Last-Minute Special in Zimbabwe:

Somalisa Camp

The Pool at Somalisa Camp
Watch herds of elephant drink from a nearby waterhole while cooling off in the pool
Photo credit: Somalisa Camp
The deck and dining tent at Somalisa Camp
The luxurious deck and dining tent offer peaceful vistas
Photo credit: Somalisa Camp

Somalisa Acacia Camp

A rustic, opulent bathroom at Somalisa Acacia
The opulent bathroom opens to spectacular views
Photo credit: Somalisa Acacia Camp
Outdoor dinner at dusk
Enjoy wonderful dinners by candlelight in Somalisa Acacia Camp
Photo credit: Somalisa Acacia Camp

Somalisa Expeditions

The luxurious Somalisa expeditions
The perfect place to unwind and share stories
Photo credit : Somalisa Expeditions
The elegant interior of the dining tent
Enjoy delectable meals in this elegant dining tent
Photo credit : Somalisa Expeditions

Bumi Hills Safari Lodge

The view from Bumi Hills Safari Lodge Pool
Kick off your shoes and simply relax, while enjoying views of Lake Kariba 
Photo credit: Bumi Hills Safari Lodge
Elephants in the matusadona national park
Get up-close and personal with the elephant herds that call the Matusadona National Park home.
Photo credit: Bumi Hills Safari Lodge

Kanga Camp

An outdoor deck at Kanga Camp
Dine in the company of elephants
Photo credit: Kanga Camp
The luxurious tent interior of Kanga Camp
Immerse yourself in nature 
Photo credit: Kanga Camp

Last-Minute Special in Zambia:

Thorntree River Lodge

The deck set on the waters surrounding Thorntree River Lodge
What could be more relaxing or romantic than this?
Photo credit: Thorntree River Lodge
An interior view of the elegant room at Thorntree River Lodge
The opulent interior of this lodge will ensure you enjoy every moment
Photo credit: Thorntree River Lodge

Our expert consultants will take care of every little detail, you only need to decide which of these incredible African Bush Camps you’re longing to be at. Book with us and experience a journey of a lifetime, while limited spaces are available at this marvellous last-minute special rate.

“The only person I envy is the one who has not yet been to Africa, for he has so much to look forward to” – Richard Mullin


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