by Megon Venter on August 27, 2018
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One of Africa’s more mysterious destinations, Kenya is a concentration of every wondrous aspect on the continent. From its local cultures to its multitude of wildlife and geographical spectacles, this destination will surprise and enchant every visitor. Read below to discover our 10 reasons to visit Kenya, complete with world-class cities and fascinating fauna and flora to boot.

1. The Maasai

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Photo Credit: Kandukuru Nagarjun

The local culture call themselves the Maasai and there are many derivatives of this heritage. Find cultural villages scattered around the Maasai Mara Reserve, living in a symbiotic relationship with the wildlife whilst settled deep in the African bush. Read more about their amazing African traditions, giving insight into what makes them a focal point in Kenya’s history.

2. The Great Rift Valley

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Photo Credit: Simon Watson

The striking Great Rift Valley is visible from space, running for 6,400 km long. The site has unearthed several fossils, bridging a lot of archaeological history in the area. The great flocks of flamingos as well as leopard, giraffe and white rhino sightings is another reason why the valley is so special.

3. Rustic Beaches

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Photo Credit: Ilias Bartolini

The coastal city of Mombasa is just one of the enchanting places where you can enjoy the untouched beaches of Kenya. Soak up the sun and explore cultural sites such as old colonial ports that rest against the seaside. Read more about the best beaches in Kenya as well as the cultures that influenced them.

4. The Old Town of Lamu

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Photo Credit: Revaz Ardesher

A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Old Town of Lamu has been continuously inhabited for over 700 years. The town was originally a Swahili settlement but his now comprised of a fusion of cultures from the east and other parts of Africa. Witness the ceremonies that still take place here and discover hidden secrets in the narrow alleyways of this coastal treasure.

5. Luxury Safari Lodges

A luxury safari lodge - visit Kenya

Photo Credit: Simon Watson

Stay in a vast array of luxury safari lodges all around Kenya. Masters of world-class service and fine dining, these establishments provide only the best for their guests. Knowledgeable guides at each lodge provide an insight into local heritage as well as the astounding fauna and flora of the area. There is no better way to experience African but with an old-world safari adventure, encapsulated in sophistication.

6. The Great Migration

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Photo Credit: Simon Watson

Venturing into the Maasai Mara Reserve during the June/July period, you have the opportunity to view the impressive Great Migration. Your visit to Kenya allows you proximity to these herds of wildebeest, zebra and gazelles as they roam through Africa.

7. A Cosmopolitan Capital City

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Photo Credit: Francisco Anzola

Nairobi is like any other first-rate city, complete with boutique shopping, artisan eateries, tech start-ups and high-rise buildings. Be met with friendly faces around every corner while you enjoy all the comforts of home with touches Africa, such as abundant greenery, colourful birdlife and Kenyan cuisine.

8. Africa’s Great Lakes

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Photo Credit: Joachim Huber

The Great Lakes network together across three large catchments spanning several borders. Kenya houses 64 of the lakes, including Lake Naivasha, a freshwater source which draws exquisite birdlife. There are also many luxury lodges situated around the lake from which you can explore the waters by boat.

9. Mild Weather

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Photo Credit: Simon Watson

Africa generally has hotter weather than most European countries but also more consistent temperatures. An African winter may consist of a dry chill or a thunderous wave of showers but when you visit Kenya, the weather is quite mild all-year-round. This means summertime is still quite hot at midday but in the mornings and afternoons, it reaches a pleasant warmth, perhaps complemented by a cool breeze.

10. Mountains

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Photo Credit: John Spooner

Kenya has a breathtaking collection of mountains including Mount Kenya, Mount Longonot and Mount Elgon. While it is technically located in Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro can also be viewed from Kenya’s side of the border. Book with one of the many lodges close to the border and get the best of both worlds with refined Kenyan safaris and adventurous treks in Tanzania.

Visit Kenya to discover these natural wonders as well as the opulence of the country’s cityscapes. Read our blog on the most frequently asked questions about Kenya and plan your dream adventure to this inspirational destination.


Featured Image: Simon Watson