by Daryll Williams | July 12, 2019
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This is the 2nd blog in a 3-part series detailing Rhino Africa’s 2019 edition of Challenge4ACause. Read part one here.

The Rhino Africa participants for this year’s C4AC consists of a peculiar mix of adventurers; some fancy the jet-setting life of luxury while others prefer things more meanderingly-makeshift. All of them, however, are passionate about Africa, take their travel with a double G&T, and in a couple of weeks, will be pedalling through the Tuli Block high on excitement and drunk on adrenaline.

Meet the Rhino riders

Rhino Africa founder and CEO David Ryan
David “Evil Genius” Ryan – CEO

Our maverick CEO, eccentric founder and resident mountain-biking maniac will be leading the charge through treacherous terrain, and undoubtedly create havoc along the way. When times get tough and spirits are low, he’ll be the one cycling past with a mischievous smile on his face and a regal wave (on his bike with an extra gear or two).


Grant “Lion of Wall Street” Rapaport – CFO

Grant, our CFO and unequivocal numbers man at Rhino Africa, is always flouting the latest tech. With an uncanny talent for snapping pictures while manoeuvering through tricky single-track, we trust him to capture our riders at all (the wrong) times.


Rhino Africa Corporate Coach Chris Allflat
Chris “Oink” Allflat – Corporate Coach

Don’t be misled by the nickname, Coach Chris is probably the fittest and most experienced mountain biker of the group. And although he has a nasty habit of breaking bones while riding, he fancies breaking records too, let’s just hope he manages to stay on his bike this time around.


Rhino Africa Travel Consultant Leigh-Ann Combrink
Leigh-Ann “LAAB” Combrink – Travel Consultant

Having clocked in over a decade of time with Rhino Africa, Leigh-Ann eats, sleeps and breathes the Rhino spirit. Further proven by her intimate familiarity with C4AC (having completed 7 of these already) and the pain and suffering that happens on the saddle. Always one with a quick chirp and a smile, she’ll be boosting the team’s morale in their darkest hour.


Rhino Africa Head of Communications Luke Lalin
Luke “Aquaman” Lalin – Head of Communications

Whether its Olympic-sized laps in the pool, or country-sized cycle tours through the desert, there truly is no challenge too great for this fearless leader. Let’s just hope he won’t be a fish out of water once the challenge kicks into full gear.


Business Intelligence at Rhino Africa Julien Ghighi
Julien “Dr. Baguette” Ghighi – Business Analyst

A tech guru with a ton of french flair to match, Julien fully encompasses the go-to attitude needed for the challenge. Fingers crossed his love of carbs don’t weigh him down.


Simon “Guinness” Watson – Photographer

Curly-haired, twinkle in the eye and always armed with a wisecrack. Our oh-so Irish Simon is a master behind the lens and a beginner behind the bars, but that won’t stop him from diving into the challenge, curly-head-first, camera closely following suit.


Rhino Africa Head of Multimedia Sean Brookes
Sean “Peaches” Brookes – Head of Multimedia

We named him peaches because his cheeks begin to resemble them when he’s on the incline. But beyond his bushy-bearded, rugged exterior is a heart of gold and an outrageous love for adventure.


Designer at Rhino Africa Terri Lourens
Terri “Slow-coach” Lourens – Designer

Designer extraordinaire, quirky creative and proponent of stopping to smell the roses, Terri is this year’s cycling novice. And while she might be new to the challenge, her unrivalled tenacity and drive will undoubtedly get her across the finish line – no matter how long it might take or how many teeth she’s missing at the end.


Senior Software Developer at Rhino Africa Rishad Omar
Rishad “Green Panther” Omar – Software Developer

Quiet, soft-spoken and probably the calmest presence in the team, Rishad loves the outdoors. In fact, when he isn’t hunched over a keyboard, he’s probably breathing in some fresh air. While Terri will be off sniffing the flowers, Rishad will be the one hugging the trees.

How can you support the Rhino riding team?

Participants in Challenge4ACause

Now is the time for you to stand up and join this team of intrepid explorers and mischievous misfits. They are on a mission to raise over R100k ($7k) and need your support to reach these lofty heights. All funds raised will go towards the inspirational organisations working tirelessly to protect Africa’s wildlife, wild spaces and wonderful people.

Join us in building a brighter future for Africa.