January 8

Top Wellness Safari Lodges in Africa


January 8, 2022

When it comes to the top wellness safari lodges in Africa, we've got the lowdown. We understand the importance of a healthy body, mind, and soul. And we also know that there's no better way to find inner zen than in Africa!

The Journey to Wellness

Wellness is not a destination. It’s a journey, an active pursuit. Therefore, it will always be something that we need to work towards actively.

Well, over the past two (very) turbulent and uncertain years, there has been an apparent uptick in searches for "wellness retreats" on Google.

So, it just proves that we all need a wellness break!  

Man at Gorilla's Nest spa in Rwanda

Find your zen in Africa

It's About More than Going to a Spa

But there's more to wellness than getting pampered. It has many different elements, and is all about finding a balance within the ideal physical, environmental and mental environment to find rest and restoration. 

And at the forefront of this lies sustainability, a promise to protect our wonderfully wild spaces that unlocks deep inner peace within us for future generations. 

But where to go for the best possible experience? Well, Africa, of course. And here's where in Africa... 

Our Top Wellness Safari Lodges in Africa

A safari on its own is enough to bring inner peace. And with so many safari lodges offering expertly curated health and wellness offerings, you have many to choose from!

Here are our top picks, hand-selected by our Travel Experts.

Woman on the balcony at Healing House in Londolozi

A holistic wellness experience at Healing House, photo credit: Londolozi

Londolozi’s Healing House, Londolozi Private Game Reserve, South Africa

Londolozi has always pioneered wellness. Their Londolozi Healing House at their Varty Camp has a forward-thinking approach, using Mother Nature's healing powers and interconnectivity to promote wellness. 

You can expect all the standard treatments, but then they take it further with daily yoga sessions, reflexology, and breathwork classes. They also have more interesting treatments such as guided sound therapy, a freeze pool, Reiki healing, and biophony treatments that give you that pre-sleep rest. 

Combine your Big 5 safari with one of the best wellness experiences out there at Londolozi. 

Yoga on the deck at Londolozi Healing House

Yoga on the deck. Photo credit: Londolozi

Bushmanskloof Wilderness and Wellness Retreat, Cederberg

A quick three-hour drive from Cape Town, Bushmanskloof is very accessible. However, even though it's a short drive, it feels like a world of its own! Picture rugged mountain ranges and serene rivers, making it the perfect place for that long-overdue digital detox. 

Here you're encouraged to step outside and enjoy nature. There's plenty to do, including game drives, local rock art tours, picnics, private alfresco dining, and even wine tasting at local wine farms. 

They also have an onsite crystal steam room, tranquillity lounge, health bar, lounge and fitness centre. Their spa treatments can be enjoyed in the riverside gazebo so that you can soak up the sights and sounds. After all, when you're coming to Africa it's all about the outdoors!

Bushmanskloof outdoor setting and pool

A wellness sanctuary, photo credit: Bushmanskloof

Mombo, Okavango Delta, Botswana

When translated, the name Mombo means "place of plenty", and it's certainly a fitting description. You'll find an abundance of wildlife here, making safaris very exciting. Furthermore, they offer daily yoga classes on the outdoor deck and many excellent spa treatments to pamper you silly. There's also the onsite gym and a 12,5-metre lap pool to clear your head.

As a safari destination, you can expect all the usual game drives and more. But a must-do is their mokoro safari (a traditional dug-out canoe). Glide along the Delta for a different view of the miraculous Okavango Delta and feel the stress just melt away. 

Mombo's true allure lies in the seclusion and wildlife wonders that naturally detox your body, mind, and soul. 

Mombo Camp in the Okavango Delta

Immerse yourself in the peaceful surroundings ,photo credit: Mombo Camp

Chem Chem, Tanzania

Located in East Africa, at Chem Chem, you can expect the quintessential safari experience. Just being in the middle of the wild is enough to lower your blood pressure and trigger a smile on your face. But they also offer unique and eye-opening experiences such as running or walking with the local Maasai warriors through the landscapes. 

Then there are the many other activities, such as your expected game drives. Still, more exciting ones include helicopter flips, photographic safaris, animal tracking, cultural tours, hot air balloon rides, and much more. Naturally, they also have an incredible spa to help dissolve away any remaining stress. 

Chem Chem safari lodge

At home in the heart of the wild, photo credit: Chem Chem

Singita Sabora, Tanzania

Known as "the most bespoke safari under canvas", the luxury Singita Sabora goes above and beyond to make your stay extra exceptional. Their focus lies on finding balance and taking a peek into the past. The romantic tented camp will steal your heart, and so will the wildness and wildlife surrounding it.

Activities here include anything from guided safari walks, community visits, game drives, wine experiences, and plenty of wellness treatments. Each Luxury Tent has its own dedicated outdoor deck for your morning or afternoon meditation and yoga. 

Tanzania is best known as one of the places to see the Great Migration (depending on the time of year), so try to plan your wellness holiday while the wildebeest are in town! Our Travel Experts can help you plan exactly when and where you need to be for the best possible experience. 

Spectacular sunset over pool at Singita Sabora

Spectacular African sunsets await, photo credit: Singita Sabora

Angama Mara, Kenya

The view at Angama Mara, meaning "suspended in mid-air", is guaranteed to take your breath away. This view could keep you occupied for hours as you gaze out and try to spot any wildlife. 

Angama Mara is also well-known for its hot air balloon safaris, yoga sessions, local Maasai performances, bushwalks, and sundowners in the middle of nowhere. It's an experience designed to allow you to switch off and recalibrate in the most spectacular setting. 

Angama Mara Tented Camp in Kenya

Sweeping views over the Masaai Mara, photo credit: Angama Mara Tented Camp

One&Only Gorilla's Nest, Rwanda

If thick rainforests and primates sound like the most idyllic setting to you, we can promise that One&Only Gorilla's Nest will deliver. It's probably best known for its gorilla trekking expeditions, which in itself will humble and drive you to tears (in a good way!). 

However, they also focus heavily on wellness, with the resort featuring a stand-alone spa that's unique to the high-end lodges in the famous Volcanoes National Park. Here they offer treatments such as magical massages, coffee body scrubs, and more – all while soaking in the serenity and forest sounds. 

However, there's more, like the cold plunge pool, open-air yoga deck, fully-equipped fitness centres, and more adventurous activities like bike riding and hiking. However, just sitting back and enjoying the sounds and sights is enough to calm anyone in this special place. 

Meditation at Gorilla's Nest in Rwanda

Meditation with jungle sounds in the background

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