August 19

Wellness at Ansellia Spa: Silvan Safari Blog


August 19, 2022

The Ansellia Spa at Silvan Safari is a place of blissful serenity. True to its namesake, it's named after an African orchid that only grows in the most undisturbed parts of the ecosystem in Kruger National Park. With its luxurious and holistic approach to healing, this mindful retreat regenerates and restores the mind, body and soul.

Silvan Safari Ansellia Spa hot stone massage

Allow the energy of our Ansellia spa to heal your mind, body and soul

The Ambience of The Ansellia Spa

Nestled in the lush woodland in the heart of the Sabi Sand Game Reserve, the Ansellia Spa is a place where one can truly feel the calming energy of the bush. The signature treatments and tailor-made creations encompass elements of traditional ceremonies and indigenous ingredients to create a deeply engaging experience.

The outside of the Silvan Safari Ansellia Spa in the leadwood forest

Our Ansellia Spa is shrouded by a beautiful leadwood forest

The trees allow dappled sunlight to shine through the floor-to-ceiling windows, instilling a deep sense of connectedness with nature. From the choice of music to the room's temperature, the experience is entirely your own. And we honestly don't blame you if you drift off mid-treatment. Between the feeling of calmness and the magic touch of our therapists, it's hard not to slip away into a state of absolute relaxation. 

Floor to ceiling windows in the Silvan Safari Ansellia Spa

Gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows in the Ansellia Spa

The Silvan Safari Ladies with The Magic Touch

The Ansellia Spa wouldn't be what it is without its incredible therapists and the healing energy they bestow on all who have the pleasure of setting foot in their presence.

This group of incredibly talented women will change your lives. With decades of experience among them, they love using their skilful healing practices to serve others in a way that makes them feel good about themselves and puts a smile on their faces.

A man getting a luxurious massage at Silvan Safari Ansellia Spa

Our spa therapists' magic hands will make all of your troubles melt away

An Elevated Natural Experience

Caring for oneself can only be done if one nurtures the mind, body and spirit authentically. Africology's range of luxury skincare and spa products provides an elevated natural element to the experience. When you set foot in the Ansellia Spa, the distinct aroma of citrus and herbs caresses your senses. 

All of Africology's products use natural, pure ingredients infused with love and divine intentions. Formulated in a way that harms no living beings and is conscious of the planet, these are products we believe to be an integral part of this healing journey.

Silvan Safari Ansellia Spa Africology skin balm

Africology's luxurious skincare and spa products provide an incredibly elevated spa experience

The Ansellia Spa is a Must for Any Silvan Safari-Lover

Once you've felt the embrace of the Ansellia Spa, it'll be hard to tear yourself away. There's something unbelievably special about this spa, and it's not just because you'll be able to see nyala bushbuck grazing through the window! The feeling one gets when being at Silvan Safari can only be described as absolute peace.

Silvan Safari celebrates one-of-a-kind, unique experiences, with relaxation and pampering at our core. A stay at the World's Leading Luxury Lodge isn't complete without a spa experience to leave you in awe. We look forward to welcoming you to the Ansellia Spa soon! 

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