August 29

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August 29, 2022

Although it's fair to assume that food is not number one on your list of priorities when going on safari, fine dining in the bush at Silvan Safari will make you rethink this! From the unmatched brilliance of an African sunrise breakfast to feasting on delicious culinary treats at sunset, Silvan Safari in Sabi Sand celebrates uniquely extraordinary experiences throughout the day. And one of these is experimenting with flavourful fine dining.

Bush breakfasts at Silvan Safari

Bush breakfasts are a highlight at Silvan Safari

Starters: Fine Dining in the Bush

The tastes of Silvan can be described as a culinary experience that celebrates fresh, local ingredients. Our chefs use the breathtaking natural surroundings as inspiration when curating each menu. Furthermore, they take great pride in ensuring each dish accentuates the dining experience and complements Silvan's stunning setting.

A beautifully embossed menu at Silvan Safari Lodge

Each menu is carefully curated by our talented chefs, Image Credit: Savannah St Claire

Mains: Decadent Dishes at Silvan Safari 

Here at Silvan Safari, we like to keep things fresh. Whether you're dining in the Modjaji dining room, on the exquisite Jackalberry tree-shrouded lower breakfast deck, or your very own private patio, no two dining experiences are ever alike.

Dining at Silvan Safari on the Jackalberry tree-shrouded lower breakfast deck

Enjoying fine dining in the bush on the Jackalberry tree-shrouded lower breakfast deck

Breakfast is a bodacious affair while lunch is kept light because even we have to admit that one can only eat so much in a day! On the other hand, dinner is a delight with a three-course menu to satisfy all of your sweet and savoury cravings, encompassing the true tastes of Silvan Safari.

A light lunch at SIlvan Safari in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve

Ignite all the senses with fine dining in the bush at Silvan Safari 

Entremets: The Tastes of Silvan Safari Never Disappoint

Our team of super butlers knows all the ins and outs of making a great drink and has a fantastic wealth of wine knowledge. Furthermore, at Silvan Safari, we are known for having one of the most extensive gin selections in Sabi Sand. When it comes to drinks and fine dining in the bush at Silvan Safari, there's something for everyone!

Gin and tonics are the quine-tessential drink on a safari

Gin and tonics are the quin-tessential drink on a safari

High-tea is a luxurious affair with a spread of scrumptious snacks that will make your taste buds sing. And don't forget to grab a sippy cup for your afternoon game drive because there's nothing like a refreshing drink on the road!

Silvan Safari's high tea is a spread of the most delicious sweet and savoury snacks

Silvan Safari's high tea is a spread of the most delicious sweet and savoury snacks

Speaking of drinks, in true Silvan Safari fashion, sundowners are anything but ordinary. Sip on a glass of your choice of tipple as the sun sets on the horizon in a fantastic display of colour, and the bush comes alive with the creatures of the night.

Sundowners are a special part of a safari with Silvan

Sundowners are a special part of a stay at Silvan Safari 

As If It Couldn’t Get Any Better… 

Some experiences are truly worth "writing home about", and a bush breakfast is definitely one of them. Don't think for a second that this means you won't be eating like royalty – you can expect nothing but the very best, even if you're in the middle of the bush! Enjoy a delicious breakfast while watching nyala bushbuck a short distance away, enjoying their own breakfast.

Breakfast in the bush with Silvan Safari

Breakfast in the bush with Silvan Safari

Crave Seconds?

Every moment spent on a safari is memorable, but some truly stand out, and fine dining in the bush at Silvan Safari is an experience all on its own. The tastes of Silvan Safari are something one just has to experience for themselves.

The dining experience of your dreams is waiting for you, so contact our Rhino Africa Travel Experts to make them come true! 

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