Who are our Wordsmiths?

Rhino Africa’s dynamic team of writers is the crème de la crème of the tourism industry. Lured to our luscious Cape Town shores with the promise of inspiring African travel, they are made up of worldwise wordsmiths, jet-setting journos and avid adventures from all over the globe. Across five different languages, they bring you the latest and greatest news from all corners of this glorious continent. Each year more than a million captivated readers are inspired to experience Africa through their award-winning continent across Rhino Africa’s universe. This has allowed us to bring more travellers to this unforgettable land who support our biggest passion, protecting the wildlife, landscapes and people of Africa for generations to come. Take a look at our video below and tell us you don’t wish you were here already!

Meet the award-winning team of word-weavers who create gripping content across five different languages

Our awards and accolades

  • The New Generation Social and Digital Media Awards: Blog Excellence 2017
  • Africa Travel Blogs Award 2018
    Africa Travel Blog Awards 2018

  • South Africa Travel Blog Awards 2016

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