by Matthew Sterne on December 15, 2016
2 min read

Yes, this title is a little dramatic, but so is nature. In fact, there is very little that is more dramatic than African wildlife battles.

In this collection of fascinating and sometimes brutal videos, lions make multiple appearances, a rhino goes head-to-head with a buffalo and we’re reminded of the harsh reality of fighting for survival in the savannahs and fields of this wild continent.

*Please note: These videos are not our own and sensitive viewers may find this distressing.

5. Epic Fight: Lions Attack a Crocodile (2 sets of fighting)

This video shot in the Samburu region of Kenya is one the most intense lion and crocodile fights you will see. While a pride of lions feast on a hippo carcass a crocodile also catches their attention and a few of the lions attack the crocodile. Latest Sightings, a wildlife video website, explains, “The crocodile is seen focused on facing the lions – if he had to turn his back on them they would have been all over him, and it would have been game over.”

4. Hippo Bites Land Rover As Lions Attack

Have you ever seen a pride of lions attempt to take down a hippo? Well, this is what it looks like. Watch how the hippo turns to take its frustration out on a nearby vehicle.

3. Male Lion Stalks & Attacks Leopard

You just never know what you’re going to come across in the bush. That is what adds to its excitement and allure. Take this unique clip for example. What would happen if a male lion came upon a sleeping leopard in a river bed? This video has the answer.

2. Rhino Kills Buffalo in Epic Battle (Africa Style)

This rare footage captures a battle between a buffalo and a rhino in South Africa. This is the only video ever filmed where a rhino throws a buffalo – weighing over a ton – in the air. The buffalo died the next day of its wounds. Never underestimate the power of a rhino.

1. Battle at Kruger

This has got to be the most famous wildlife battle caught on film of all time. Inspiring a Time article, a National Geographic documentary, multiple awards and nearly 80 million Youtube views, Battle at Kruger is an unbelievable and incomparable 8-minute wildlife clip. The video depicts a confrontation between a herd of Cape buffalo, a small group of young lions from a pride, and one crocodile. The video was shot in Kruger National Park, South Africa.