Doing Good

Tourists to South Africa do not have to feel guilty about leaving a dirty carbon footprint if we as an industry can facilitate sustainable tourism which empowers and uplifts local communities.

  • The Battle to Save South Africa's Wild Dogs

    By Matthew Sterne |

    The first thing we see are the ears. Big, black and round, they stick up above a rise in the road. These Mickey Mouse ears can belong to only one animal - the endangered and the embattled - African wild dog. We’ve been driving up and down the valley for two hours trying to find this pack of nine. We have radio telemetry and experienced guides on our side, but the dogs seem to be toying with us, always returning to where we just were. Now, after yoyoing across the reserve we have found them, or, maybe, they have allowed us to find them? We approach eagerly and the entire pack comes into view. The pack is made up of two adult males and seven pups. The two adults stare at us indifferently while the pups scratch around, sit down, stand up, jump on each other playfully and keep moving ...

  • The Heavens Opened and so did Khumbulani

    By Melanie Du Toit |

    "We have not inherited this land from our ancestors; rather we have borrowed it from our children." - African Proverb Rain is a sign of good luck, especially in Africa. It fertilises the soil, waters plants, satiates wildlife, sustains communities, and it promises prosperity. On the morning that the Khumbulani Health and Education Resource Centre was poised to open, the heavens opened, too. Thankfully for our guests, performers, and important attendees, after giving her much-appreciated blessing, Mother Nature cleared the sky just in time for Khumbulani's official opening ceremony to begin.The day will long be remembered by parents, teachers, sponsors, and all those who attended — which is fitting considering 'remember' is precisely what Khumbulani means in Xhosa. This was the theme...

  • Monkeying around with the Khumbulani kids

    By Melanie Du Toit |

    Volunteers from Rhino Africa looked grimly at the sky last Friday afternoon, wondering if the heavens would open and spoil all the fun they had in store for the kids from Khumbulani. The Rhino crash was en route to Khayelitsha to pick up 120 learners between the ages of 3 and 5 and take them on an adventure to Monkey Town for the day. This educational outing aimed to not only provide fun and laughter for the kids but also to foster a love for nature and a better understanding of the importance of preserving our globe's wildlife. Luckily, the rain didn't dull any of the smiles on the road that day. The children eagerly chanted "Faster, Mr Bus Driver, we are not scared!" on the bus, and marvelled at the feat that they each had their own seat and seatbelt. The air, thick with exc...

  • Rhino Africa Quiz: Which Member of our Family Now Weighs in at 208.2 Kilograms?

    By Good Work Foundation |

    It’s incredible to think that, through Rhino Africa’s sponsorship and help, an orphaned rhino, whose mother was killed by poachers, is alive and well, and now weighs in at 208.2 kilograms. When we first introduced you to Rhino Don, he was barely four months old and he weighed in at 122 kilograms. He was still susceptible to a number of life-threatening conditions and he hadn’t yet been introduced to the other young rhinos at Care for Wild AFRICA rhino sanctuary. Today Don is a member of a three-strong herd: Warren and Oz are his constant companions. He has been moved to a much larger boma further away from the sanctuary’s main operating centre. This is part of a strategy to reduce the amount of human interaction. Don is still the smallest and softest of the three, but he tries not...

  • Colouring Outside the Lines at Khumbulani

    By Stephanie Dabrowski |

    It seems like just the other day we were Under the Sea with Khumbulani and now there is already another fun-filled experience to share with you. Picture, if you will, the delightful flurry of sixty 5-year-olds invited to participate in the painting of their day-care’s bathrooms and leave colourful hand-prints on the wall. Whether this sounds lovely or a little alarming we can assure you it was tons of fun. This is just what happened at the Khumbulani Day Care in Khayelitsha. Joining us for the day, and making it extra special in the process, were volunteers from the annual IGLTA conference which was held in Cape Town this year. Among these new visitors to Khumbulani was YouTube personality Davey Wavey who elected to mark the occasion with a video in which he interviewed the children ...

  • Under the Sea with Khumbulani

    By Melanie Du Toit |

    With hands clasped firmly with that of their buddy, sixty 5-year-old’s formed a small stampede and descended upon the entrance of the V&A Waterfront’s Two Oceans Aquarium—eager to see what hidden treasures of the deep were waiting inside. Their feverish excitement filled the air with shouts of laughter on the bus ride from Khayelitsha—one of South Africa’s largest informal settlements and one of the poorest areas in Cape Town—as learners from Khumbulani Day Care Centre were brought into the heart of the city and to one of its most popular tourist attractions.Despite having known a week before about their adventure to the aquarium, nothing could quite have prepared the kids for the giant Kelp forests seen behind floor-to-ceiling glass—home to darting penguins, colossal groupers, a...