Namibia is a land of contrasts. Dominated by Desert and Semi Desert, its main features are the Namib Desert in the west and the Kalahari Desert in the east with a highland plateau in between. Namibia is twice the size of Germany, bigger than Texas and half the size of Alaska! Visit the namibia section on our website.

  • My Trip|A Photographic Journey through Botswana and Namibia

    By Matthew Sterne |

    Jeremy Instone, from Woking in the UK, says he used to have mundane holidays but the travel bug bit about ten years ago and since then he has been to a range of exciting destinations. He first travelled to Botswana and Namibia in 2015. "I had an extended holiday and hopped around from place to place with the help of Rhino Africa’s guidance. I had asked for a holiday based almost entirely around photography and the strong factor that I did not want to put up or take down my own tent. "After my 2015 experience, I decided that I would go again and definitely with Rhino Africa. I originally thought I’d return three to four years after my first trip. A few months later I reckoned I might struggle to do this after I retired so I’d better do it again quick," so 2016 saw Jeremy pack his b...

  • 6 unique activities in mesmerising Namibia

    By Matthew Sterne |

    Namibia, the land of vast open spaces, soul-refreshing sunsets and home to a range of very special experiences. Visitors can meet the Himba people (the nomadic, ochre-covered tribe of Northern Namibia), gaze at the dazzling night sky in Sossusvlei and explore one of the world's largest canyons. Here are six compelling reasons why Namibia should be on everyone's travel list. 1. See the Cheetahs in OkonjimaOkonjima is home to The AfriCat Foundation, which rehabilitates cheetahs, wild dogs, hyenas and leopards. Here, you can see these beautiful predators in their natural environment. As their website explains, “Although hunting is instinctive in carnivores, many of the cheetahs at AfriCat lack experience due to being orphaned or removed from the wild at an early age. This inexpe...

  • Join our cycling adventure through the Namibian desert

    By Matthew Sterne |

    Join us for an exclusive Mountain Bike adventure through the Namibian desert. Mountain biking through the dramatically spectacular Namibian desert is an opportunity very few people will ever be offered to experience. Now, for the first time, Challenge4ACause is inviting members of the mountain bike community to take up the Challenge, help support endangered species conservation and cycle through some of the most isolated yet majestic landscapes in Africa from 25 July to 01 August 2015. The 6-day cycling journey sees these lucky few negotiate 336 kilometres of the Damaraland desert – a region in Namibia renowned for its unforgiving terrain, low human population and the largest free-ranging desert-adapted black rhino population in Africa. Challenge4ACause, which is an initiat...

  • My Trip | Eat Your Heart Out Attenborough

    By Matthew Sterne |

    The similarities cannot be denied. I'm well aware that if you're going to compare anything to the world-renowned BBC series, Planet Earth then the contemporary better be good. Really good. The Lyons' photographs fulfill this strict criteria. I understand that this claim may be met with skepticism. Anticipating this I'll offer three reasons justifying the association: 1. Both create an intense wanderlust - a sharp desire to pack a bag and explore unfamiliar landscapes. 2. The photographs and the footage give nature and her favourite offspring, wildlife, a chance to show off. 3. For those who have listened to David Attenborough wax lyrical about Emperor penguins again and again, you'll know that from 'Pole to Pole' isn't a reference to 'the Diaries of an Exotic Dancer,' and 'Dese...

  • My Trip | Why Should You Go To Namibia?

    By Tamlin Wightman |

    The African Outback "In Australia there was once a TV advert that encouraged people to visit the Northern Territories, stating that you will never never know, if you never never go. This applies to Namibia. The country has so much to offer," says our client Hugh Corr. We're headed to Namibia ourselves in a week, for our annual cycle epic in Damaraland - Challenge4ACause, so Hugh's inspiration comes at the ideal time. Hugh and partners, Jean and Malcolm, recently travelled to the Wild West, as we call this unique region on the south-west coast of Africa, and returned with tales to tell. From the oldest desert in the world to one of Southern Africa's most treasured wildlife sanctuaries, Etosha, we'll let Hugh take you there in his own words. Thank you to the Corrs (not the Celtic I...

  • Challenge4ACause: Pedal pushing through Damaraland

    By Matthew Sterne |

    The journey that defines Challenge4ACause is reserved for the passionate; for those possessing fortitude. Negotiating 330 kilometers on a bicycle in the unforgiving landscape of the Damaraland is not for the faint-hearted. The driving force behind this pedal-pushing - behind the sheer grit - is not simply a gauge of endurance. Nor is it centered around the injection of adrenaline or the acquisition of bragging rights. The chief motivator behind the sweat, the pleading muscles, the awkward tans and the blisters is, with fierce loyalty, the cause. Challenge4ACause was born from - and continues to live for - the desire to protect endangered wildlife and uplift underprivileged communities. At its inception in 2009, Challenge4ACause selected four charities to achieve these objectives: ...