by Craig Harding
on March 11, 2008
1 min read


As the 2010 Soccer World Cup hurtles towards us at break neck speed, there are many unanswered questions surrounding accommodation, flights, allocations, tickets, FIFA, our electricity problems, The Gau-Train and whether South Africa will be ready on time.

I think South Africans seem happy to entertain a media that are content to constantly issue the ‘Red Card’ to the Soccer World Cup 2010. Soccer is the Number One sport in the world and in less than 2 years time the eyes of the world will be upon South Africa, yet why are we happy to sit back and just let it happen ? ( or not !) .Surely it’s the responsibility of each and everyone of us to sit up, get excited, get involved, stop bitching and start making it happen ?

Last week I had the privilege of being invited to Greenpoint Stadium to see the progess and view the building work. I was quite simply ‘gobsmacked’ by the enormity of the project, the size of the stadium and the amount of work that had actually been done. I left feeling inspired, alive and excited about this wonderful ‘ gift’ that had been given to South Africa, and questioned why we would want to let it slip through our hands. Foul play indeed….

The Stadium was alive with activity and was completely taking shape, this stadium will dominate Cape Town’s skyline and the presentation showcases how the Stadium will become the focal point of Cape Town’s Sporting Calendar in 2010 and beyond. So I was happy, I was proud, I feel that if everyone pulls together then 2010 will definately be a huge success and a reality.

The Greenpoint Stadium is open daily and has 3 tours a day.
Tel : 021 430 0410