by Craig Harding
on March 31, 2009
1 min read


The Airports Company South Africa (Acsa) is following the lead of other international airports and making the terminals at Johannesburg’s OR Tambo International Airport multi-use, such that they can be used to process both international and domestic flights interchangeably. Using multi-use terminals will allow the airport to be more efficient in the use of existing infrastructure, minimising the dependence on construction of more new buildings to create capacity.

There will still be two terminals, however they will now be known as terminal A and B, no longer as international and domestic. Passengers and visitors will have to know which terminal their airline of choice is operating from, and should obtain this information at the time of booking their tickets. To help facilitate the changeover the airport will be putting up temporary signs that show which airlines operate out of each departure terminal.

The changes to the terminal naming and the multi-use terminal will necessitate the changing of check-in counter numbers in both departure terminals. They will have an alphanumeric numbering system, with a three digit number being prefaced by A or B, depending on which terminal it is located in.