by Matthew Sterne
on August 13, 2009
2 min read


Madagascar has had its share of bad publicity following the presidential coup in January this year. However, the situation on the ground has calmed down significantly, and the country remains as safe and spectacular as ever. Furthermore, the tourist resorts of Nosy Be and other regions have been unaffected by political events, with island life continuing to sway to its own rhythms.

As a tour operator that specialises in travel to southern and East Africa, we pride ourselves on our destination and product knowledge. We only sell places and lodges that we have visited and as such we can provide ‘on the ground’ information and expertise on places such as Madagascar. And we are 100% sure that your holiday here will be trouble-free!

While the recent political change has been sensationalised in the media, it has hardly affected tourists. Our ground handler and contacts in the country have reported no incidents of violence against foreigners, and it would seem that any unrest has long dissipated.

In addition, the island resorts in and around Nosy Be, off the north coast of Madagascar, are destinations unto themselves. They are unspoilt and idyllic islands, far removed from the major cities such as Antananarivo. Nosy Komba, Nosy Sakatia and Nosy Iranja all offer a beach paradise within the Nosy Be Archipelago.

Tsara Komba: Beaches such as these remain untouched, providing a holiday in paradise!

What’s more, you can now visit such destinations at greatly discounted rates! The negative publicity has resulted in a decrease in tourism to Madagascar, which has led to lodges dropping their tariffs. With fewer tourists and lower prices, there really has never been a better time to see Madagascar! We suggest you get here before the rest of the world does.

NB: Madagascar is easily reached from Europe, with direct flights from France. There are also direct flights from Johannesburg, via Antananarivo, to the Nosy Be Archipelago.
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