by Matthew Sterne on April 19, 2011
2 min read

We’d like to invite you to visit the new Rhino Africa Website! The new site is crammed with Rhinotastic goodness and more exciting features than you can shake a USB stick at. It’s all designed to make it easier for you to explore Africa, to learn about our magnificent continent and to plan your ultimate tailor-made, African holiday with our expert consultants.

So what’s all the fuss about? Well, apart from looking rather swanky we have a host of new features including:

1)     Catherine is our nubile pop-up site guide who will help you navigate the site and give you some top tips. Visit her!

2)     Exciting HD videos will give you a real taste of Africa – check out the new Kruger video in particular… Watch it!

3)     Genuinely discerning and engaging reviews of the top hotels and lodges in Africa – we judge for ourselves and tell it as we see it ! We’ve even got a whole new Cape Town Restaurants section with some brutally honest reviews by our in-house Horny Grazer;

The Horny Grazer Review

4)     Improved navigation tabs on the right of the screen making it easier to find your perfect destination in fewer clicks;

5)     Beautiful new maps that have clickable destinations so you can navigate by geographic location Explore them!;

6)     There’s an updated We Recommend section that contains our favourite safari lodges as well as an updated Our Tours section with some mind boggling itineraries designed by our expert consultants to whet the appetite and inspire your dream holiday;

7)     Greater focus on doing good in Africa through our Going GreenSustainable Tourism and Doing Good sections;

8)     In our Downloads Section you can fill your phone or desktop with spectacular images of Africa;

9)     Don’t forget to visit our much improved Blog and our Facebook Page where we’ll keep you up to date on Special Offers and all things African.

There are many more exciting features on our new site. We’d like to invite you to come and explore the digital world of Rhino Africa! We’d also love your feedback about our site – the good and the bad, so if you have any feedback, please email