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3 Best Eco-friendly Safari Lodges

By Irene Boshoff on March 17, 2016

A while back it was Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” and Cameron Diaz’s early adoption of the Prius. Now it’s Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar-winning speech and Brad Pitt’s involvement in the Global Green initiative. It’s safe to say that the issue of global warming and its impact on our planet’s future is becoming a real concern. So it’s no surprise that eco-friendly safari lodges are starting to spring up all over the African continent.

The beauty of Africa is unforgettable and we hope that many present and future travellers continue to experience the continent’s sheer magic. There are many initiatives and “green” efforts that safari lodges are adopting to create a sustainable future for Africa and we applaud these endeavours.

To showcase the steps that are being taken and put in place, we bring you three of our favourite eco-friendly safari lodges in Africa at the moment.

Our favorite eco-friendly safari lodges in Africa

1. Belmond Eagle Island Lodge

The sunset from the deck of Belmond Eagle island lodge
The sunset from the deck of Belmond Eagle island lodge is from another world.

Early in 2015 Belmond Eagle Island Lodge closed its doors to visitors for eight months. During this period, the lodge underwent a complete rebuild in line with sound environmental practices. Concrete was replaced with World Wildlife Fund endorsed timbers and roof coverings were constructed with local thatching grass. The lodge works on an off-the-grid system, which means that all power generation, domestic and potable water, as well as sewerage treatment is generated on site.

After 10 months, the lodge reopened with a spectacular new look and feel. With fresh new tented accommodation, dining areas and lounges, the revamp reflects the region’s natural beauty combined with ultimate luxury. Today the lodge offers guests a truly exceptional stay thanks to its magical position on a private island in the heart of the Okavango Delta, where views are breathtaking and endless.

2. Grootbos Nature Reserve

Eco-friendly Grootbos Forest Lodge
View from the eco-friendly Grootbos Forest Lodge.

A visit to Grootbos Nature Reserve in Hermanus is about more than just a luxurious 5-star stay with many exciting day tours. In 2003, the Grootbos Foundation was implemented to really make a difference to the region’s biodiversity and community. The award-winning non-profit organisation implements programmes that have a direct impact on the well-being of the surrounding community and environment.

Your stay at Grootbos will contribute to three main initiatives. The Green Futures focuses on educating the region’s unemployed young adults while at the same time highlighting the conservation and promotion of the region’s unique biodiversity. The Football Foundation uses sport as an instrument for change while Siyakhula focuses on enterprise development to create sustainable livelihoods for the local communities.

During your stay at Grootbos, you will find yourself spectacularly situated on the beautiful fynbos and forest-clad hill overlooking the whale-watching haven of Walker Bay.

3. Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp

The spectacular view from Hoanib
The spectacular view from Hoanib, Photo credit: C. Culbert

Set in one of the most fragile ecosystems in the world, Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp has been built to eco-friendly perfection. The camp is 100% solar powered and makes use of innovative eco-friendly systems to break down wastewater, which is then used by plant life. Some more of the camp’s eco-friendly practices includes maximising natural light, air movement and insulation. Being a partner to the Namibia Desert Lion Conservation, Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp supports a unique population of desert-adapted lions. They’re also trying to resolve the conflict between lions and the local people of the region.

Along with its fascinating landscapes and bizarre juxtapositions of desert and sea, guests can expect the ultimate luxurious stay while looking forward to excellent viewing of Namibia’s distinctive desert-adapted wildlife.

Discover the best eco-friendly safari lodges in Africa

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