by Melanie Du Toit
on April 28, 2016
3 min read

Ulusaba Rock Lodge’s name translates to ‘the place of little fear’, given by ancient Shangaan warriors who used the boulder-strewn koppie on which part of it rests as a lookout post in centuries gone by. Today it not only welcomes new and veteran safari-goers but those visitors who come in a more ‘diminutive’ form, reaffirming Ulusaba’s status as a haven promising plenty of discovery while leaving little to fear. Ulusaba’s Cub’s Club features specially tailored activities for children and ensures that a dizzying amount of excitement is in store from the minute their tiny feet touch the savannah in this private sector of Sabi Sand Game Reserve.

Safari holidays have had a reputation in the past for not being conducive to a family holiday. At Ulusaba, a dedicated team of staff and a comprehensive kids programme ensure that this most certainly is not the case, proving that a safari can be enjoyed by even the smallest of enthusiasts. While parents are trundling through the wilderness in search of the Big 5 and making the most of their well-deserved break, kids are kept busy and entertained back at the lodge. Cubs can make their days their own and decide on their itineraries for their stay in the bush.
Upon arrival at Ulusaba, cubs are greeted with a safari backpack filled with everything they’ll need for their whirlwind safari adventure. With an Ulusaba cap protecting little heads from the harsh sun, these small adventurers embark on a treasure hunt around the lodge designed to familiarise cubs with their new surroundings.

Under the careful and friendly gaze of a guide and tracker, cubs may find themselves trekking (not too far) into the 13,500ha Ulusaba Private Game Reserve which forms part of the Greater Kruger Area on a mini-rangers course and bush walk. Here they will learn about the bush and how to identify animals from the tracks and dung droppings they’ve left behind.

Even dinner time turns into a fun affair with Safari MasterChef courses allowing little ones to try their hand at making pizza and baking cookies (the latter of which can be enjoyed at tea time or while listening to African-themed bedtime stories). Kid-friendly meals are also on offer as the staff at Ulusaba understand that cubs don’t have quite the same appetite as full-grown members of their pride might.
At night, parents can rest easy knowing that there are 24/hr security guards patrolling the premises who will pay extra attention to any peeps and murmurs that might come from rooms with cubs in them.

Other activities around the lodge include afternoons at the swimming pool, with an experienced swimmer on hand to supervise; as well as rock painting and coloured sand art. For those days when cubs would rather stay in than out, Ulusaba boasts an array of current and classic DVDs, CDs, and even a Nintendo Wii—ensuring that kids can still be active, even when indoors.

Between board games, puzzles, cards, and learning traditional South African games that cubs can take home with them—there won’t be a moment of fun to spare. And when the little tykes are tired out from a hard day spent adventuring? A unique cub’s spa treatment is sure to help them unwind.
Are you ready to take your family on the adventure of a lifetime? Contact one of our worldly Rhino Africa consultants today to find out more, and visit Ulusaba’s website to see what else they have to offer.

Please note:

Ulusaba’s Cub’s Club is open to cubs between the ages of 0-11 years and babysitting services are available at no extra charge.

Children over the age of six may accompany their family on game drives.

We do advise pre-booking as this activity may be subject to season and availability.