by Matthew McGregor on June 6, 2017
2 min read

Capturing the absolute bliss that Africa provides is part of who we are. Over the years we have shot some of the most extraordinary scenery and produced some amazing videos. As a result, we decided to compile a list of the top six videos that we have produced. From cycling through a Namibian desert to epic drone footage and a wacky internal video, here are the best of the best:

1. Breathtaking Drone Footage Filmed Throughout Africa

First up we have our drone video, which took an astounding 3 years to complete, that captures some of the best scenery and views from the most beautiful parts of Africa. It’s dramatic, magnificent, and an exhilarating reflection of this unique continent.

2. Welcome to our world… Africa in 360°

This video is probably one of the most incredible videos that we have produced! We took a 360-degree video of life as we know it in Africa and squashed it into one screen giving people footage like never before.

3. Botswana – the wild heart of Africa

Botswana is considered the wild heart of Africa. Our multimedia team was dispatched into the depths of its most remote and untouched landscapes to capture the wild nature Botswana has to offer and came back with this stunning video.

4. Challenge4ACause 2016: Joining forces to fight for what’s right 

This incredible footage was taken during one of Rhino Africa’s annual Challenge4ACause cycles where we take a group of riders and ride through a section of wilderness in Namibia that isn’t open to the general public. The cycle is seven days in total and raises money for causes such as the Wildlife Act, Good Work Foundation and Save the Rhino Trust.

5. Discover South Africa’s enchanting Garden Route

The Garden Route in South Africa is considered one of the most enchanting and extraordinary regions in the world with a long list of thrilling activities. In this video, we capture the essence of what it has to offer.

6. Rhino Africa’s 2020 Vision

The final video, which is one that we could simply not leave off this list, is our ambitious, tongue-in-cheek video of the vision for Rhino Africa. It was nominated in the “HR tool” category for the African Excellence Awards this year and managed to clinch first place, ahead of companies like Nike and Unilever. What an achievement!

If you would like to watch more of the eye-opening videos that we have produced here at Rhino Africa, head over and take a look at our Youtube channel!