June 12

The Circle of Life: 8 Photos of Kills in the African Wild

June 12, 2017

In nature, it’s a day-to-day struggle to survive. It’s kill or be killed, and as hard as it is to see death in the wild, it is as natural as the seasons. The circle of life; one life is sacrificed to give life to another. It’s also a thrilling experience being able to see an action-packed hunt by a leopard or lion and appreciate the sheer expertise they have in the act.

We have gathered many ‘action-shots’ from our Big 5 category of the Africa’s Photographer of the Year Competition. Although it’s easier to turn a blind eye to the gore of nature, it’s fascinating to see this integral part of survival. How they use their instincts and experience to communicate and execute is incredible. The way that lions work together and each one knows their job. Or how a leopard deliberately places each paw softly on the ground to not make a sound. Many people want to see a kill on their safari experience, so we have compiled a list of kills for those who enjoy the “authenticity” of nature.

*Disclaimer: not for sensitive viewers:

Michael Goeldner, Germany – “Young leopard.”

Mike Walsh, RSA – “Two young lions killed a young buffalo in Mana Pools.”

Anthony Goldman, USA – “Good catch!”

leopard kills impala

Andrew Mabbitt, Australia – “Family value meal using only the freshest ingredients – it’s so good you’ll do anything to protect it.”

Family hunt kills Zebra

Harald Pieta, Germany – “African Drama in Zambia”

leopard kills baboon

Damon Crane, USA – “Dinner time at Kruger”

Lion kills buffalo

Trevor Barnett, RSA – “Male leopard on Buffalo carcass in Kruger.”

dirty leopard in buffalo carcass

Liam Donnelly, United Kingdom – “Outnumbered”

6 Lions to 1 Buffalo kill

If this type of action gets your blood pumping see this video below of a wild dog hunt (Please note it is graphic):


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