August 10

34 Beautiful Photos Of Africa’s Most Elusive Big Cat


August 10, 2017

It happens every single time we go on a safari. The guide will ask what we’d like to see and the chorus goes up, “A leopard!”

The elusive nature of leopards probably fuels their mystique, but it’s their sleek beauty and majestic grace that really captivates us. Nothing quite compares to the thrill of a leopard sighting and that’s why we all want to see one. Or two. Or three. If you’ve seen a leopard in the wild you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. And you’ll probably appreciate these photos even more…A leopard A leopard up close A leopard  snoozing in a tree A leopard in the savannah A leopard sits silently in a tree A leopard  at nightA leopard  watches the game vehicle A leopard  high up A leopard  with the sun behind A leopard  resting on a branch

Alistair Swartz - A tiny leopard cub hides in a fallen hollow tree.
Photo Credit: Alistair Swartz
Chase Wells, Cape Town, Leopardess on the lookout, Okavango delta, Botswana.
Photo Credit: Chase Wells
Photo Credit: Londolozi
Photo Credit: Lion Sands

Photo Credit: Michael Goeldner
Photo Credit: Ulrich Eberl
Photo Credit: Chinzombo

Aleopard in tree, Botswana A leopard in long grass

Photo Credit: Roman Ziegler
Photo Credit: Jeremy Instone
Photo Credit: Mitchel Seifer
Photo Credit: Carsten Riedl
Photo Credit: Lauren Coape-Arnold
Photo Credit: Lauren Coape-Arnold
Photo Credit: Homeira Mosalaei
Photo Credit: Jack Gelman
Photo Credit: Matt Engelmann
Photo Credit: Clint Ralph
Photo Credit: Frederic Lesne
Photo Credit: Damon Crane
Photo Credit: Iris Aumann Minden



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