December 11

Horse Riding on Cape Town’s Beaches


December 11, 2017

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been champing at the bit to have the wind blow through your hair as you canter along one of Cape Town‘s exquisite beaches on horseback. I had the opportunity to enjoy this thrilling experience thanks to Imoff Equestrian Centre. My trusty steed, Puma, took me along the white sands of  Noordhoek Beach which offered panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, so you’ll be getting a first-hand account of this incredible experience straight from the horses mouth.

Noodhoek Beach in Cape Town


Our gorgeous horses were saddled up for us at noon in the anticipation of an afternoon of horse play. Based on our riding experience we were paired with our horse for the day and we were quickly befriended by these gentle creatures. Puma, Echo, Rango and Charlie were some of their names and each of their unique, shiny coats and glistening eyes made us even more excited for the experience ahead.

Horse riders making their way to Noodhoek Beach in Cape Town
Image credit: Imoff Equestrian Centre

Horse riding in the dunes of Noodhoek Beach

We were ready and desperate to start our adventure down to the beach, but we really did need to hold our horses and listen to a few safety instructions first. Then we were off, making our way on a path with our two guides, winding through indigenous flora and wetlands with goats and peacocks surprising us along the way. Soon we were in sight of the dunes and we knew the beach was close.Horse riding across the lagoon to get to Noodhoek Beach

Not a person was insight on Noordhoek Beach, it was just us and our furry friends. The walk of the horses became softer with the sand beneath their hooves and we welcomed the salty, sea air. This 8km stretch of beach is spectacular, with white sands and crashing waves. Wildlife is frequently spotted on this route, from an array of birdlife just metres from you to whales, seals and otters  frolicking in the sea beyond. Look out for the Kakapo shipwreck which lies on Noordhoek Beach. On a stormy day in 1900, the captain of the steamship mistook Chapman’s Peak for Cape Point, ploughing the boat onto the beach whose remains can still be seen today.

Noordhoeck Beach in Cape Town
Image credit: Hilton Teper
Horse riding on Noordehoek Beach
Image credit: Graeme Newcomb
Horse riding on Noodhoek Beach in Cape Town
Image credit: Imoff Equestrian Centre

What a therapeutic day this was! No matter what horse riding experience you might have, Imoff Equestrian Centre makes you feel at ease and safe with their professional and encouraging guides. The average guided beach ride is one hour and 45 minutes. Three rides are available daily at 9am, 12:30pm and 4pm/5pm depending on the season. They have a minimum age of 12 years old, and supply a helmet for every rider.  For an unforgettable Cape Town adventure this summer, book your beach horse ride here.

Horse riding on Noodhoek Beach with Imoff Equestrian Centre

Horse riding on Noodhoek beach in Cape Town
Image credit: Imoff Equestrian Centre



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