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Singita’s Grumeti Camps: Tanzania’s Best Safari Experience


By Luke Lalin on
July 19, 2021

If you want to go on safari in Tanzania, look no further than Singita’s Grumeti Camps.

Singita is renowned for setting the benchmark when it comes to bespoke, luxurious safari experiences. And their East Africa lodges, in the private Grumeti Reserve of the Serengeti/Mara ecosystem, offers precisely this and so much more.

With five spectacular lodges in the enormous 350,000-acre wildlife-rich paradise, the Grumeti Reserve provides incredible year-round wildlife viewing and a front-row seat to the Great Migration. With barely another vehicle in sight, the exclusivity Singita’s Grumeti Camps offer is something you can’t find anywhere else.

Welcome to Singita’s Grumeti Camps

The Grumeti Reserve sits to the west of the Serengeti National Park on the Great Wildebeest Migration route. During June, July and August, guests can see this “greatest show on earth” unfold right in front of the lodges, delighting with high drama and supreme suspense.

Each Singita Grumeti lodge is unique and offers guests something different in experience and atmosphere. However, if you’re unsure which one’s perfect for you, our Rhino Africa Travel Experts are always on hand to offer their first-hand knowledge to guide your decision.

And if time allows, we always recommend staying at more than one of the Singita Grumeti lodges, allowing you to embrace their unique magic, class and elegance for yourself.

Lodges at Singita’s Grumeti Camps 

1. Singita Sasakwa Lodge

Your view from the lodge. Photo Credit: Singita Sasakwa Lodge

This unique lodge’s old-world charm and stately atmosphere will make you instantly fall in love with it. Picture wrap-around porches with expansive views and a grand entrance leading to an interior featuring vintage collectables and a rich colour palette.

There are ten private cottages at Sasakwa Lodge, all complete with infinity plunge pools. And with access to a tennis court, gym, archery and snooker, there’s something to keep every family member entertained. But, as with any safari, it’s about being able to just relax and appreciate the sheer beauty of your natural surroundings. And here, you’ll be able to do that from the comfort of your cottage.

2. Singita Faru Faru Lodge 

A design masterpiece. Photo Credit: Singita Faru Faru Lodge

Faru Faru is an architectural gem with bold, striking features – something very different from what you would typically find in a safari lodge. Yet, despite its impressive stature, nothing feels out of place. The clean lines, organic design, and locally sourced natural materials combine seamlessly to create a relaxed, harmonious space.

On the banks of the Grumeti River, this distinct lodge stands statuesque-like, proudly surveying the river and the plains beyond. The wine and dining experiences here are out-of-this-world. Furthermore, the open plan kitchen provides a homely touch to the stylishly designed lodge.

The Family Suite has two en-suite bedrooms with a private plunge pool overlooking the Grumeti River. Watching the sunrise over the river, this is one of Africa’s most serene safari locations to experience and enjoy with the family.

3. Singita Serengeti House 

Outdoor setting at the Serengeti House. Photo Credit: Singita Serengeti House

The private Singita Serengeti House is an exclusive-use villa set on the slopes of the Sasakwa Hill, providing unmatched views of the Serengeti plains. With 4 spacious Suites accommodating a total of eight guests, this is the ideal multi-generational family holiday lodge and perfect for a large group of friends. And with a 25-metre full-length training pool, tennis pavilion, fitness centre, and tented massage treatment facility – wellness and keeping fit is part of your Serengeti House experience.

If you’re looking for a personalised safari tailored to your every need, Serengeti House provides exclusive excellence and elevated luxury.

4. Sabora Tented Camp

Out of Africa glamour. Photo Credit: Sabora Tented Camp

This exclusive lodge is quite simply “Africa’s most bespoke and restorative safari under canvas”. Sabora Tented Camp consists of 9 Luxury Tents. And dotted over the plains, each offers sweeping views of the Serengeti plains and beyond.

Everything about Sabora Tented Camp is centred around celebrating and embracing the space you are in, with a focus on timeless simplicity. Nowhere else in Africa are you this grounded, spiritually and metaphorically, to “living on the plains of Africa”.

Wellness and well-being are cornerstones to any stay at this visionary lodge. Each Tent has a large, private mediation deck with an outdoor daybed and sala. There is also a gym, yoga centre, and spa allowing guests to tap into the healing power of nature on this quintessentially curated adventure.

5. Singita Explore

Step back in time. Photo Credit: Singita Explore Camp

This mobile tented camp moves around during the year, thereby maximising the best game-viewing experience for guests. Centred around leaving a light footprint, you could mistakenly assume that your safari here is one of bare necessities. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Everything Singita does is all about exclusivity and luxury.

This is an exclusive-use camp, so everything is set up according to the guests’ needs and wishes. In true Singita style, an experience here is all about dining under the stars, sleeping under canvas, and listening to Africa’s wildlife. A stay here heightens the senses and provides an unfiltered safari experience.

Singita’s Commitment to Protecting Africa’s Wild Spaces

Singita is the pinnacle of a luxury safari experience. However, while their safari offering is incomparable, their dedication to creating a lasting impact in Africa is what defines their purpose.

They are a conservation and eco-tourism brand first and foremost. Therefore, they have been championing conservation in Africa from its inception. Their philosophy is to protect large tracts of natural land for future generations. And with over a million acres of wilderness under their care, they certainly understand the importance of preserving Africa’s natural spaces.

The Grumeti Fund Partnership

Singita partnered with the Grumeti Fund in Tanzania, a non-profit organisation carrying out wildlife conservation and community development work. They are dedicated to fulfilling a vision where people and wildlife live sustainably together in and around the Grumeti Reserve. Singita knows that one of the golden rules in conservation management is that success takes a long time. And they ensure they partner with organisations that share their vision and are also committed to walking the journey with them.

The Grumeti Fund’s Canine Unit helps sniff out wildlife contraband. Photo Credit: Mike Sutherland

Yes, they are working hard to see tangible results within three to five years. However, Singita is really planning for the next 30, 50 and 100 years. Singita’s 100-year purpose is apparent: “Protect Africa’s natural spaces and the wildlife it supports, so all future generations get to appreciate what we can see and experience what is here today”. And everything they do is to further expand on this vision.

The demand to witness Africa’s wondrous landscapes and see the magnificent wild animals will only continue to grow. And the importance of having a long-term vision to protect these resources is vital. Singita has proven how their low-impact, high-value approach to tourism is not only protecting these tracts of land. However, it’s also about safeguarding them so our descendants – many, many decades from now – will be able to enjoy the spectacles we see today.

Travel with Rhino Africa to Singita’s Grumeti Camps

At Rhino Africa, we’re committed to making a difference on our continent. When approached correctly, travel provides the opportunity to create employment, protect wild spaces, and conserve endangered animals.

We ensure that we only partner with organisations as dedicated to making a difference and giving back as we are. Singita is one of these industry leaders that we are proud to be affiliated with.

When exploring the far reaches of our wild continent, having the guiding hand of industry experts is key. Therefore, you should book with our Rhino Travel Experts, ready to make your African dreams come true. Contact us today, and let’s start planning!

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