July 22

Blend into the Bush: Safari at Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge

July 22, 2021

A safari at Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge gives you a unique perspective of the African bush. Easily one of the most special and well-hidden lodges I have experienced, it’s almost as if the lodge is playing hide and seek with the wildlife. I remember that my first thought upon arrival was: “where on earth is this lodge?” 

Usually, you’d be able to spot the lodge from afar, but here the lodge is hidden in the middle of the bush, with only a wooden platform within sight. When we arrived at this platform, the manager Pieter warmly greeted us, already prepared for a string of questions about where the lodge is hidden. “You’ll just have to wait and see,” he replied with a mischievous grin.

And, yes, it was indeed worth the wait! Hidden in the slopes, we entered a tunnel, and the name ‘Earth Lodge’ suddenly made a lot of sense to me.

It was an incredible sight, the entire setting sculpted in a slope and all built from natural, raw materials.

One of the Suites at Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge
One of the Suites at Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge.

Oasis in the African Bush

With a tastefully decorated interior that blends effortlessly into the surroundings, natural tones are prevalent, creating a soothing oasis in the African bush. You immediately feel like you’re transported into a natural wonderland with the African bush in the background. 

Unwind in the pool at Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge.
A sanctuary with a view. Credit: Katharina Riebesel

The rooms are luxurious, ultra-spacious, and secluded from the main area, ensuring a private experience for all guests. And with only 13 Rooms at the lodge, you can expect an intimate safari experience at Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge.

The view from my room was breathtaking, and you can watch wildlife from a safe distance from the comfort of your room. Each room also has a sizable pool, ideal for relaxing on a lazy afternoon while sipping a cocktail! 

Wine enthusiasts will be happy to know that the lodge also has a wine cellar with more than 6,000 bottles of boutique South African wines. There’s also an indoor/outdoor dining area overlooking the waterhole and a meditation garden.

Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge
An architectural and design masterpiece. Credit: Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge

Welcome to Sabie Game Reserve 

We can almost guarantee that you will see all five of the Big 5 during your stay. In fact, even the elusive leopard makes a frequent appearance in this area. Located in the Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve, it has access to all the thriving wildlife and wild landscapes the reserve is world-famous for.

You’ll get to enjoy a morning safari drive on an open safari vehicle, as well as an afternoon safari. You can also embark on a bushwalk with a professional guide, making your safari at Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge jam-packed with activities and sightings.  

Lion sighting during a game drive with Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge
Incredible lion sighting on a game drive. Credit: Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge

Highlights at Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge 

  • Unique architectural and interior design
  • Location in the wildlife-dense Sabie Game Reserve, which shares an unfenced border with the Kruger National Park.
  • A harmonious natural oasis in the bush, featuring raw materials such as rock, clay, wood and water throughout the lodge.
  • The Suites all have a covered terrace and a large private swimming pool.
  • The friendly staff is attentive and will satisfy your long list of desires.
  • The guides and trackers at the lodge are excellent and will make your safari experience a memorable one.

Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge is ideal for couples looking for privacy and a luxury stay in a private reserve.  It offers extraordinary exclusivity and will allow you to have an unforgettable romantic stay. 

If you’re travelling with the family, I would recommend the Sabi Sabi Bush Lodge, which offers a great children’s program. Furthermore, the Sabi Sabi Selati Camp and Sabi Sabi Little Bush Camp are ideal for couples and small groups.

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Photo credit: Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge

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