August 9

A Holistic Safari with the Londolozi Healing House


August 9, 2021

A deeper connection to nature, a return to wholeness, and an overwhelming sense of well-being are what epitomises the Londolozi Healing House experience.

Within an oasis situated on a private, 15,000-hectare wilderness, Londolozi pairs the unforgettable safari they have perfected over nearly a century with an immersion in relaxation, solitude and the curative power of nature.

As the wildlife of this rich terrain traverses the vast plains, you should mirror their ancient rhythm by slowing down, being present and allowing Mother Nature to do her restorative work. Londolozi’s team of experts will be on hand to guide you on your journey, from an unforgettable discovery of majestic wildlife to a sweeping awakening of your consciousness through various healing treatments that tap into the intelligence of nature.

Londolozi has become synonymous with staunch conservationism and restoration. And now they welcome the weary to experience the healing medicine of the wild.

Welcome to Londolozi Healing House 

At Londolozi, a private game reserve in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve, therapy is returning to basics and honouring ancient ways. With Healing House, guests are offered an opportunity to unwind. But moreover to embark on a guided journey of body reactivation, meditation, and remembrance. By combining the classic safari with wellness, they pioneered and mastered a curated selection of rejuvenating transformation activities. And they thereby provide the transcendent experience many travellers journey to the wild seeking.

“We believe healing and happiness happen naturally when in the right environment. Every offering is carefully curated to illuminate the links that help us remember that we belong to all things… we are all connected” – Boyd Varty, 4th generation custodian.

The Experience

Londolozi’s guiding is the stuff of legend. Even as I write this, I remember feeling like time was slowing down. And the unbelievable calm that settled over me as the pressing demands of modern life fell away.

Each Londolozi tracker and guide undergoes a rigorous training and selection process. This tests their intimate knowledge of the land and respect for all its inhabitants.

And so here, the wilderness experience is all-encompassing. From the unhurried exploration of the terrain to the leisurely and always respectful discovery of each species in this exhaustively rehabilitated land. In pairs, these skilful guides decoded the language of the Earth in search of its hidden creatures. And we waited, in anticipation, for the secrets of the animal kingdom to be unveiled.

Then there was Healing House and the dedicated wellness practitioners who continue nature’s restorative work. And so, while submerged in a tranquil haven overlooking the Sand and Manyelethi rivers, situated under the shade of ancient Ebony Trees, a true transformation began.

Londolozi Healing House immerses you in nature
Enveloped in nature. Photo credit: Londolozi


  • Five individually decorated treatment rooms. They therefore each have their own story and healing magic.
  • A selection of bodywork. From Londolozi’s Signature Massage which uses indigenous oils, to Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology Treatment and Deep Tissue Massage.
  • Use of the Biophony Machine, which, through neuroscience technology, stimulates a pre-sleep state into the body for deep relaxation. Benefits include nervous system repairs and cellular rejuvenation.
Londolozi is situated in a private concession in the sabi sand
Healing with sound. Photo credit: Londolozi
  • Guided Sound Therapy by a qualified practitioner, relieving stress, aiding in recovery after illness and strengthening the immune system.
  • The Londolozi Body Activation Session which includes a detoxifying heat/intense cold treatment.
  • Access to the Himalayan Infrared Heat Sauna (Halotherapy). Other facilities include a Freeze Pool, Reiki Healing, Daily Yoga, Meditation, Breath Work and the Londolozi Gym.
Londolozi Healing House can be pair with their iconic safari
In alignment with nature. Photo credit: Londolozi

Experience the Londolozi Healing House for Yourself

If you’d like to experience the healing powers of exclusive immersion in an ancient wilderness, this is the destination of your dreams. We’ve worked closely with Londolozi for many years and would love to share the experience with you.

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