August 19

Rhino Africa Leading the Charge Once Again with a 100% Refundable Travel Deposit


By David Ryan on
August 19, 2021

We at Rhino Africa are leading the charge once again by introducing our 100% refundable travel deposit. And as a pioneer in online travel and Africa’s Leading Luxury Safari Company, we understand leadership comes by assuming risk. By encountering and overcoming challenges and being a moral role model for an industry ecosystem.

Core to our DNA at Rhino Africa, you find the values of innovation and collaboration. Therefore, we believe that any organisation not willing to sacrifice to take on such a leadership role should step aside!

When Winston Churchill worked to form the United Nations after WWII, he famously said: “Never let a good crisis go to waste”. So as we start to emerge from this Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve taken Churchill’s words to heart as we look to redefine the standard T&Cs when it comes to booking deposits in our industry.

An elephant in Chobe National Park
Africa awaits your arrival.

An Industry First

We know that the world is a very different place today. But one thing that will never change is that our feet will still itch, and we will still travel! And as we have done for 17 years now, our guests always come first. 

We’ve come to recognise that it’s not just in times of uncertainty that booking a holiday with confidence is paramount – it should be the new normal!

Drawing from our personal experience, we know that trusting someone else to book your holiday can be a stressful experience. You want to know that your travel investment is secure. With that said, welcome to Rhino Africa’s 100% Refundable Deposit Terms.

Our 100% Refundable Deposit Promise to You

Leaning into Churchill’s words, standard Terms and Conditions in our industry were designed for a traditional travel ecosystem. However, it’s poorly adapted for modern-age businesses using the internet for lead acquisition and technology for digitised client management and engagement. And this with significantly different cost structures than other agencies or channels.

Add to this, today’s traveller has a wide range of options to book their African itinerary across a myriad of booking channels. From the click of a button to specialist Tour Operators like ourselves, all the way through to the high-street agent that sells destinations worldwide.

The boutique nature of our safari industry, small lodges and camps create the need for non-refundable deposits to protect inventory and ensure the continuity of valuable conservation work. And given seasonality and traditionally long lead times, these non-refundable deposits have filtered their way up the supply chain through the decades. And Tour Operators and Agents alike have then merely passed them on to guests.

traveller in africa
There’s still so much for you to explore in Africa.

Confidence in a World of Uncertainty

As Covid-19 hit, creating certainty and flexibility became central to everyone’s guest-centric operations. Suddenly, we saw our entire ecosystem working together. And through almost instantly relaxing traditional T&Cs, we could navigate this crisis and minimise cancellations. At Rhino Africa, we realised that postponements would play a key role in our industry’s recovery. Therefore, flexibility became central to everything we did.

As we emerge from Covid-19, guests are joyfully reaching for their passports and making plans for their next African adventure. Consequently, the pre-Covid non-refundable travel deposit T&Cs are starting to re-establish themselves as the norm. This is largely driven by a supply base of lodges and camps dependent on non-refundable deposits to sustain operations and conservation initiatives.

While we at Rhino Africa recognise this need for non-refundable deposits at the supply end of our travel ecosystem, we also acknowledge that our valued guests should no longer have to bear this risk. They deserve booking confidence regardless of the environment.

That’s why, when booking with Rhino Africa, if you’re unable to travel due to unforeseen circumstances outside of your control, you may well be entitled to a full refund of your deposit, in line with our 100% Refundable Travel Deposit T&Cs. For more information, you can visit our website.

leopard sitting tree mombo camp okavango delta botswana
Tourism helps protect our incredible wildlife and wild spaces.

Start Dreaming and Planning Again

We’re excited to be booking travel again and are working hard to fulfil delayed travel dreams. And as we welcome back guests, we’ve seen first-hand how African travel is one of the most potent remedies for rediscovering the joy of living.

Our sole mission is to find innovative ways for our guests to once again enjoy the sensations of Africa. And to do so with complete peace of mind. We collectively rise to this generational challenge through innovation, collaboration, tolerance, and creative minds.

More importantly, as we ensure we do not let this crisis go to waste, we continue to look to tourism as the game-changing force. One that uplifts communities and protects our wildlife. Because the reality is that African Tourism enriches all of our lives!

lion cub rests on a tree trunk
Meeting the eyes of our wildlife is a life-altering experience.

Why Travel with Rhino Africa?

Drawing from our personal experiences, we’ve got the local ”know-how”. Therefore, we have advice about anything and everything. From hot air ballooning over the Maasai Mara to the tastiest restaurants in Cape Town to the best place to photograph wild cheetahs!

And we’re passionate about sharing our familiarity and knowledge of Africa, providing you with honest, dedicated and professional service. Therefore, we specialise in putting together African holidays that suit you.

So if you’re busy planning, or looking to plan an African holiday, ask yourself the following. Are you dealing with industry leaders, innovators and experts? Is the company you’re working with demanding non-refundable deposits?

If so, why not let Africa’s Leading Luxury Tour Operator plan your next African Safari holiday – with complete peace of mind.

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