December 16

Rhino Africa is Crowned World’s Leading Safari Company


By Luke Lalin on
December 16, 2021

In the 2021 World Travel Awards, Rhino Africa has recently been voted as the World's Leading Safari Company for 2021.

Having won Africa's Leading Safari Company for a record 7th time earlier this year, this new global title is a first for Rhino Africa, and we couldn't be more proud..

We Could Not Have Done it On Our Own

We couldn't have done it without the unwavering support from our amazing clients, fantastic suppliers and incredible Rhino Crash. Being voted as the World's Leading Safari Company is an immense honour, but probably even more so during a time when travel has been so difficult.

David Ryan, CEO and Founder of Rhino Africa

David Ryan, CEO and Founder of Rhino Africa, at the HQ in Cape Town

Against All Odds 

The past two years have tested every element in the travel industry, and being able to adapt to the new circumstances and work closely with our suppliers and clients has been key to Rhino Africa's success.

This has allowed us to shine during a period of immense turmoil. We're confident that no matter what difficulties arise in the future, we can navigate it all perfectly.

Silvan Butlers pouring drinks on a game drive.

Thank you to our team of service providers and their staff, photo credit: Silvan Safari

What Makes Us The Best?

Rhino Africa sets itself apart by providing expert advice on luxury African travel. Every itinerary we create is bespoke and created in conversation with our clients to perfectly match their needs and wishes.

Many companies claim to offer tailor-made services, but with over 17 years of experience in the safari industry and with multiple awards, we know that we offer far beyond anything else in the market.

Leaving a Lasting Legacy

That said, travel isn't only about the experience. It's also about how much positive impact every person can have by travelling to Africa.

Rhino Africa is a safari company with an enormous heart. We work tirelessly with incredible organisations dedicated to protecting our endangered species, conserving our natural spaces, and uplifting rural communities. Entrenched deep within our company culture is the desire to give back and make sure that we leave the world a better place for future generations to enjoy. By travelling with Rhino Africa, you form part of our commitment to Africa and its success.


We strive to protect our wildlife.

It's Not About What You Know, But Who You Know.

We often say that African travel is all about who you know. And since we are based in Africa and have spent many years building relationships with all the top lodges and hotels, we can confidently say that we know all the right people. And since your trip to Africa is often a life-long dream, why would you trust anyone but the best to plan your ultimate safari?

See You in Africa

We look forward to welcoming many more guests to Africa soon, and if you want to book your next safari, our Travel Experts are just a click away. 

Come see Africa with the World's Leading Safari Company!

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