April 13

Africa’s Most Instagrammable Rooms: Our Top 5


April 13, 2022

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram or flipped through a magazine and you see a place that made you go WOW! Well, at Rhino Africa, we get to see our fair share of dreamy destinations. So, it takes something extraordinary to catch our attention. But every now and then, we do see one that truly takes our breath away. With this in mind, here are our top five of Africa’s most Instagrammable rooms!

1. Underwater Room at Manta Resort - Pemba Island, Zanzibar


Bask in the beauty of your private floating island paradise, Image Credit: The Manta Resort

This unique retreat off Pemba Island is surely one of the most spectacular rooms in the world. You'll feel encapsulated in a turquoise blue bubble, surrounded by coral beneath the Indian Ocean. More than just a submerged sanctuary, this floating room is a three-tiered private island. 

Each level has its own story to tell. Watch shoals of brightly coloured fish swim by from your bedroom window. Sip on sundowners as you watch the sunset from the stylish hardwood-clad lounge. Or bask in the tropical island sunshine and gaze at the stars from the open-air deck atop your very own private paradise.

One-of-a-kind island accommodation: The Manta Resort - one of the places for African travel in March

One-of-a-kind island accommodation, Image credit: The Manta Resort

Guests at the Manta Resort can marvel at the fascinating shifting lights of the water, ebb and flow of the tide, and the curious fishy inhabitants. This is an absolute must for anyone fascinated by life beneath the surface of the sea.

2. Chalkley Treehouse at Lion Sands - Sabi Sands, South Africa

Embrace the African wild in absolute luxury, Image Credit: Lion Sands

Built on the site where an African explorer and safari pioneer first set up camp, Chalkley Tree House at Lion Sands takes your breath away. It offers an unparalleled, au naturel bush experience, and there's nothing that captures the essence of untamed and untainted Africa quite like it. With vast starlit skies above you and the stillness of night punctuated by African wild stirring below you, this is as authentic as it gets.

Chalkley Treehouse offers African romance at it's finest. Image Credit: Lion Sands

As wild as it may be, this is no sleep-out. It's a true African adventure and the chance to come face-to-face with the wild, all without sacrificing any luxury. You get all the trimmings you'd expect from a stay at Lion Sands, including a bespoke picnic to enjoy in your own slice of African heaven.

Like many of Africa's most Instagrammable rooms, pictures don't quite do it justice, so you'll just have to come and see it for yourself.

3. Sky Suite at Kagga Kamma - Cederberg, South Africa


Sleep under the stars at Kagga Kamma's romantic Sky Suite, Image Credit Kagga Kamma

Tucked against a rocky outcrop in the striking Cederberg, you'll find Kagga Kamma's Sky Suite. A luxury open-air bedroom awaits with the starry night sky as its ceiling. It's designed specifically with romantic escapes in mind. 


Snack on your very own private picnic before slipping into a wood fired hot tub beneath the stars, Image Credit: Kagga Kamma

Here you can enjoy private dinners against a backdrop of pale pastel hues that fade into night as the sun sets. Couples can spend cosy evenings around the private boma fire or soaking in the wood-fired hot tub. Then, when it's finally time to head to bed, slip under the covers and drift off to sleep as you gaze at the stars sparkling in the wild African night sky.

4. Giraffe Manor - Nairobi, Kenya


Enjoy your breakfast with some special guests. Image Credit: Giraffe Manor

Giraffe Manor has, without a doubt, some of Africa's most Instagrammable rooms. You will find this exclusive, world-famous boutique hotel in an indigenous forest on the outskirts of Nairobi

It's an influencers' paradise, with an endless series of photos taken here posted across social media channels. The historic manor house has extraordinary appeal, and its grand styling is a nod to the 1930s when visitors first began flocking to East Africa to enjoy safaris. 

Elegance is everywhere you look, from the stately façade and cosy courtyards to the sun-drenched terraces that spill out onto sprawling gardens, all reminiscent of the grandiose styling of the classic African travel era.

Giraffe Manor is one of Africa's most instagrammable rooms

Giraffe Manor is one of Africa's most instagrammable rooms. Image Credit: Giraffe Manor & Brian Siambi

One of the reasons that Giraffe Manor has achieved such international acclaim is the resident herd of Rothschild's giraffes calling it home. Treated as honoured guests, they check in each morning and evening, poking their long necks through the windows of the Manor in the hope of a treat before returning to their forest sanctuary.

Guests at Giraffe Manor also have access to their exclusive wellness facilities. The Retreat at Giraffe Manor is the perfect way to unwind while surrounded by nature. Guests can choose from various spa treatments, a workout in the gym or a healthy snack on the poolside sundeck to complement their stay.

5. Kruger Shalati - Kruger National Park, South Africa

Room with a view of Kruger at Kruger Shalati Luxury Lodge

Room with a Kruger view, Image Credit: Kruger Shalati

Experience the Kruger, suspended high above the Sabie River aboard a first of its kind re-envisioned train at Kruger Shalati. Glass-walled cabins showcase panoramic views of the Kruger National Park and the wildlife calling it home below. Sunset is showtime at Kruger Shalati, with the unobstructed vantage point and stunning riverine scenery securing its place among Africa's most Instagrammable rooms. 

Luxurious interiors celebrate African design, local history and collaboration with communities in style, blending seamlessly with the surroundings. Positioned where the first guests to the Kruger Park overnighted in the early 1920s, Kruger Shalati pays homage to the region's rich history and those who played a part in it. 

The best view from the overhanging pools at Kruger Shalati

Sunsets have never looked this vibrant.

Arguably the most attractive part of this lodge is the bespoke deck and pool overhanging the bridge. This vantage point gives you an incredible view of the river and bush below, frequented by elephants, buffalo, hippos, and more.

Capture Your Moments at Africa's most Instagrammable Rooms

You don't have to be an influencer or social media fundi to enjoy Africa's most Instagrammable rooms. Whether you permanently have your camera in hand or choose to simply soak in the moment, these rooms show you Africa's soul.

So, if you've seen anything you like and feel like you should share in Africa's magic, send your comments in our Rhino Travel Experts' direction. Our team specialise in bringing your African dreams to life. Contact us today, and let's start planning your Instagrammable holiday! 

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