June 21

Challenge4ACause 2022: Returning to Damaraland


June 21, 2022

In northwest Namibia, the Skeleton Coast's dunes run for hundreds of kilometres, from the Swakop River in the south and beyond the Angolan border to the north. Inland from the coast, the huge dunes become vast plains and then dry valleys, gorges, hills and eventually mountains. This spectacular semi-desert wilderness is called Damaraland. It's one of Namibia's most scenic areas, an enormous, untamed, ruggedly beautiful region. And it's through Damaraland that the charity, Challenge4ACause, hosts its annual cycling event.


Challenge4ACause traverses the dramatic desert landscapes of Damaraland

What is Challenge4ACause?

A successful Challenge4ACause team.

A victorious team in the Namibian desert for C4AC

To the uninitiated, the event can seem absurd – cycling over 400kms through a desert renowned for its unforgiving terrain and harsh climate. And make no mistake, it's a gruelling week of riding, but it's also a special privilege for the riders cycling through the incredible terrain, which is accessible to only a handful of people each year.

The Challenge4ACause Purpose

Challenge4ACause was started in 2009 by Rhino Africa to give their team, customers, and travel industry members the chance to give back to a continent that has been so generous to them.

The primary purpose of Challenge4ACause is the conservation of Africa's endangered wildlife. Participants get to undertake a personal and physical challenge while at the same time raising funds and awareness for a noble conservation project.

Whether it's looking back on how far we've come, or forward to how far we have to go, Damaraland is the perfect backdrop for Challenge4ACause

Rhino Africa's CEO and founder, David Ryan, explains, "The motivation behind cycling across the unforgiving desert is to protect the desert-adapted black rhinos that call Damaraland home. It's our chance as an industry to give back to the wildlife and landscapes from which we make a living. Without Africa's precious wildlife, there would be no tourism industry in Africa."

World Rhino Day 2019: Spitzmaulnashorn mit Nachwuchs

Black rhinos are among the most endangered animals on the planet, Image Credit: Cathy Withers

The event proceeds will go to Save The Rhino Trust, which works to conserve the black rhinos of Damaraland, Wildlife Act and Good Work Foundation. These charities and the work they do are incredibly important. Therefore, we urge you to take a closer look at what they do and donate to the causes here.

Challenge4ACause Celebrates 10 Years of The GWF

The Good Work Foundation celebrates their 10th birthday in 2022, Image Credit: GWF

In 2022, Challenge4ACause celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Good Work Foundation. This remarkable organisation has evolved dramatically over the last decade and now comprises six digital learning campuses that actively serve the local communities. To date, over 16,000 learners have had access to education and digital literacy as a result of their initiatives. In honour of their efforts, our riders will be wearing the Good Work Foundation colours on the event kit as they traverse Damaraland.


Our team of cyclists are ready and raring to go in 2022

The 24th of June sees 18 riders start their eight-day epic cycle across Damaraland. They'll cross rock-strewn dirt tracks, sandy ravines and steep inclines, all in searing heat.

Good luck to everyone riding – we can’t wait to see your sun-scorched, blistered bodies and hear your incredible stories when you get back!

Learn More About Challenge4ACause

To keep up with our bold and brave riders taking on this challenge, or to learn more about this epic event, click here.

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