July 11

What is Revenge Travel About?


July 11, 2022

Coming out of the global Covid-19 pandemic, travel has become more of an option for all of us. And with it, an interesting new phrase or trend has emerged referred to as "revenge travel". So, what is revenge travel and what is this new trend all about?

What is Revenge Travel?

Mowani Mountain Camp in Namibia

Revenge travel is a growing trend since the easing of the Covid-19 pandemic, Image Credit: Katja and Walter Birrer

The term "revenge travel" has been used to describe trips from family reunions to big splurge vacations and re-visits to old favourite destinations. So, what exactly does it mean?

For most of us, the word "revenge" doesn't exactly correspond with the happiness and excitement of travel. And even more so when you consider the two-year-long hiatus most of us had to take from going anywhere.

The essence of "revenge travel" seems to be more about the love for travelling rather than expecting a destination to make up for something. Unless, for example, Botswana stole your girlfriend or Namibia got you fired, it sounds odd to take revenge on a place. Therefore, perhaps "revenge travel" can be best described as getting revenge against the Covid-19 pandemic and all it cost us.

According to Erika Richter, vice president of the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA), "Revenge travel is a media buzzword that originated in 2021 when the world began to reopen, and people decided to make up for lost time". While not a fan of the term, Richter understands its sentiment. To her and many others "it's another way of saying, "Hey, life is short. I want to book that trip. I want to spend more time with my family. I want to connect with humanity and with nature. I want to explore the world and seek experiences that make me feel alive."

How Does Revenge Travel Work?

Revenge travel comes in many forms

For some, revenge travel means indulging in something a little bit extra, perhaps more than you may have had planned or would usually do. The enforced time at home and delays have increased travellers' appetites for experiences and an opportunity to go bigger or further than they usually would have.

For others, it's simply about taking advantage of the opportunity to travel again after a prolonged absence. The Covid pandemic and resultant lockdowns have amplified the sense of living for the here and now. As a result, there's a sense of impulsivity and a cavalier "why not?" attitude when faced with the opportunity to travel.

Another factor that has spurred on the "revenge travel" wave is the changing face of the workplace post-pandemic. With many people working remotely, annual leave has become far less of a limiting factor. The culture of "digital nomads" who make their way around the world whilst working remotely is gaining traction. So much so that countries such as Barbados have begun to offer visas specifically for this reason.

Is Revenge Travel Really Happening?

El Congo espera su llegada para vivir la aventura de su vida

Recent trends have shown a strong resurgence in international travel

Trends have shown a strong resurgence in travel as the restrictions associated with the Covid-19 pandemic eased. Data from travel booking company Expedia shows that, since May 2021, there has been a significant increase in travel search traffic as the prospect of travel became a reality.

Similarly, surveys conducted by the company showed that 60% of participants planned to travel locally, whereas 27% planned to travel internationally in 2022. Furthermore, another key finding was that participants felt far more willing to spend more money than before.

These factors, combined with the increasing numbers of arrivals from all over the world on Africa's shores, are evidence that revenge travel has most certainly taken hold. From clients to colleagues, we've seen a buzz about travel in 2022 and beyond. Therefore, this is a sure sign that travellers are eager to take revenge on the effects of the past two years.

Start Planning Your Own Revenge Travel Adventure

Die Victoria-Fälle aus der Luft

Africa is the perfect place for revenge travel

If you feel you have a score to settle with Covid-19 or have had enough of putting plans on hold, then there's hardly a better time to start planning some revenge travel of your own.

Our Rhino Africa Travel Experts are on hand to help you put the ultimate itinerary together and bring your long-awaited African dreams to life. Contact us today, and let's start planning! 

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