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Why We’re Africa’s Leading Safari Company


By Brad Mitchell on July 14, 2022

Here at Rhino Africa, we like to think we're a little bit special…and that we're Africa's Leading Safari Company. Those of you who know us will undoubtedly agree. Whether you've encountered our top-tier service and had your African safari brought to life by our Travel Experts, or you've been lucky enough to meet or even be a part of our Rhino Africa crash, it's safe to say that we're not your typical safari company. Therefore, we're not shy to say we're Africa's Leading Safari Company, and here's why...

we are proud to be africa's leading safari company

Our Rhino crash at our HQ in Woodstock, Cape Town

Forging Paths and Setting Trends

We've always done things a little bit differently and blazed a trail through the travel landscape. "Normal" has never been an option for us, and we've spent the last 18 years relentlessly charging in pursuit of the exceptional, making sure that we never stop improving.

rhino africa is africa's leading safari company

Our namesake animal, the magnificent rhino, Image Credit: Toka Leya Camp

Over the years, we've set trends and forged paths for partners and industry members to follow. From innovative practices like 100% refundable deposits during the Covid-19 pandemic to seamless technological advances for a smooth customer booking process, we've been raising the bar wherever we go. Customer-centricity has always been at the heart of what we do, and it shows.

enjoy a safari with africa's leading safari company

Let Africa's Leading Safari Company plan your luxury safari

We've brought over 180,000 guests to Africa, many of whom keep coming back for more. And while sharing our continent's beauty, wild spaces and captivating culture is a huge part of what drives us, it also allows us to fulfil our ultimate purpose. And this is that Rhino Africa exists to create an impact that enables positive change in Africa's communities and wildlife.

Our Impact Partners

Our commitment to our Impact Partners is helping them to make a real difference on the African continent. Here's how they do this.

The Good Work Foundation

The Good Work Foundation has done incredible things through making digital education more accessible

Rhino Africa's ongoing partnership with the Good Work Foundation has seen over 16,000 children receive access to Digital Education. In the ten years since their inception, they've grown to support six digital education campuses in communities that otherwise would not have access to the resources provided. Initiatives such as this one aim to empower communities to develop and march forward into the digital age, something which is crucial in today's modern world.

Wildlife ACT

Wildlife ACT is one of Rhino Africa, Africa's Leading Safari Company's Impact Partners

Wildlife ACT is one of Rhino Africa's Impact Partners, Image Credit: Wildlife ACT

As with much of the safari industry, conservation is a key component of how we aim to serve our continent. After all, without Africa's wild spaces and creatures inhabiting them, there'd be far less to show you. Our partners at Wildlife ACT are responsible for the men and women on the ground that lead the charge in wildlife conservation. From monitoring and researching endangered species to developing programmes with local communities to serve biodiversity conservation, they're at the forefront of the battle to protect Africa's wildlife.

Khumbulani Health, Education and Resource Centre

One of the smiling children at Khumbulani

One of the smiling children at Khumbulani

Khumbulani provides integrated early childhood development, youth development and food security services to vulnerable children in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. A pillar of light in a community that still suffers from the impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, they provide orphaned children with the stepping stones to a brighter future. Through the care of the dedicated staff, they therefore make a lasting impact that truly change lives.

We're Proud To Be Africa's Leading Safari Company

enjoy a safari with africa's leading safari company

Book your dream African safari with Africa's Leading Safari Company, Image Credit: Londolozi

So, while some may think it's a bit bold to say it out loud, we take pride in the fact we're Africa's Leading Safari Company.

And if we are to believe the results, you think so too! As Africa's most awarded safari company, we have a lengthy list of credentials. Voted Africa's Leading Safari Company in seven of the last nine years and taking home the prestigious title of World's Leading Safari Company in 2021, we're no strangers to the spotlight, and we have no plans to step out of it any time soon!

enjoy a safari with africa's leading safari company

Meet Africa's most magnificent creatures on safari 

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Read our "How To Vote in The World Travel Awards" blog for a detailed step-by-step guide to the voting process. Every vote counts, and we truly appreciate your support.

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