July 19

Challenge4ACause 2022 – The Return to Damaraland


By Luke Lalin on
July 19, 2022

Rhino Africa is more than just the World's Leading Safari Company. Fundamentally, we're a company dedicated to making an impact in Africa. And as part of this, we embark on a wild annual cycle event through one of Africa's wildest terrains, the desert landscape of Damaraland, Namibia. And this year, Challenge4ACause 2022 was one to remember. 

Bringing it Back to Damaraland

The sun sets on Damaraland during Challenge4ACause 2022

The sunsets in Damaraland are simply stunning

Having had to cancel and postpone the last two challenge cycles, the arrival of this year’s event was greeted with huge amounts of gratitude and excitement. Not only were we returning to the dusty routes of Damaraland, but we were also going to embark on an entirely new route!

This year saw a quirky mix of experienced cyclists and fresh dewy-eyed “newbies” tackling one of the ultimate challenges. Not only is the terrain unforgiving, with plenty of sand and rocks to navigate, but the heat, wind and wild animals are also something to consider.

The 14 eager cyclists embarked on 24 July, and they all finished a week later, after having cycled over 350km to raise money and awareness for rhino conservation in Africa.

Not for The Faint-Hearted

Challenge4ACause 2022 in Damaraland, Namibia

Hitting the deserts for Challenge4ACause 2022

The cycle is gruelling. Every day, you have to tackle new challenges. For example, during Challenge4ACause 2022, the wind was very strong, and it felt like we were constantly cycling into a headwind. However, the reward of returning to camp was like arriving at an oasis. The team really did an exceptional job taking care of you. Plus, there's really nothing better than enjoying an ice-cold beer after a hot, windy cycle!

The fourth cycle day was an exceptionally tough one. They first scouted this route by vehicle about three years before the event was supposed to take place. Therefore, it has never been cycled, and we now know why! It was brutal. Largely uphill, with thick sand everywhere, this was a day no one will soon forget.

However, it's the challenge that makes this event so special. It's not a race. Therefore, there's no expectation of how fast you need to cycle. Everyone tackles the day at their own pace, and the mix of experienced and first-timer cyclists enables a sense of camaraderie and knowledge sharing you would not get anywhere else.

ChallengeForACause 2022 – Making a Difference

Damaraland was the perfect setting for Challenge4ACause 2022

The Challenge4ACause (C4AC) cycle event is about making a difference and raising money and awareness for rhino conservation. Core to Rhino Africa's purpose, this event has grown from humble beginnings to now being a permanent fixture not only on Rhino Africa's calendar but our African Travel industry as a whole.

This event welcomes our Rhino Crash, travel partners, clients, trade partners and suppliers to all come together for a good cause. And even through difficult times in our industry, we were overwhelmed by the support and generosity from everyone. 

Join us for Challenge4ACause 2023

The Challenge4ACause 2022 event has come to a close. However, we're already gearing up for the 2023 event, which is sure to be just as incredible! Visit our C4AC website here for more information. Or, even better, join us next year!

Below you'll find a collection of images from our adventure through Namibia during ChallengeForACause 2022. Browse through them to get a taste of what you can look forward to next year. 

Challenge4ACause 2022 event photos

Snapshots from Challenge4ACause 2022

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