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What is There to Do in Seychelles?

By Michelle Welvering on October 5, 2022

Shimmering sunshine, translucent turquoise waters and super fine, white sandy beaches should be a prerequisite when planning your quintessential beach holiday in Seychelles. But as much as you love just drinking in the views, your post-card-perfect holiday should also feature exhilarating archipelago experiences! Well, the good news is that there's so much to do in Seychelles. So, slide off your shoes, dig your toes in the sand, slip into something comfortable, and shift into a state of complete relaxation as we introduce you to the island nation. Here's what to do in Seychelles.

Aerial view of Seychelles

There's so much to do in Seychelles

Snorkelling and Scuba Shenanigans

Surrounded by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is an archipelago country consisting of over 100 islands. Given its location, the beautiful islands boast an estimated 1690 km² of coral reef just below the ocean's surface. As a result, this makes Seychelles a very attractive destination for both snorkelling and diving enthusiasts.

Seychelles offers a diverse array of underwater wonderlands to explore. Whether snorkelling in the shallows or diving into deeper domains, the colourful archipelago is bursting with marine life, offering some of the best lagoon and reef experiences in the Indian Ocean.

What to do in Seychelles: Experience magical moments with marine life in Seychelles

Experience magical moments with marine life in Seychelles

Jungle Exploration

Although many people choose Seychelles for its pearly peaches and luxury resorts, this archipelago has more tricks up its sleeve. Not only is the ocean teeming with natural wonder, but the islands are too! Furthermore, Seychelles is synonymous with untamed tropical gardens, lush rainforests and all the cute critters that call them home!

Whether by foot, bicycle or even by kayak (there may be a leisurely stream meandering through), venture inland and explore the island's verdant vegetation filled with a myriad of interesting finds. Scout dense green canopies for magpie robins and paradise flycatchers. Or try spotting the coco de mer's heart-shaped coconuts along with rare jellyfish trees.

children cycling through lush forest

One of the best things to do in Seychelles is exploring the forests trails, Image Credit: Desroches Island

Private Beach Picnics

Fringing the forests, you'll find the stunning beaches Seychelles is famous for. Lush vegetation leans towards the Indian Ocean, where powder-white sands meet cerulean waters. And it's here that you'll find the perfect setting for the most perfect picnics. Plus, you don't have to pack your own basket because most Seychelles resorts offer beach picnics on their menu of many activities!

Swim, snorkel and soak up Seychelles' sun while your hosts arrange the rest. Opt for lantern-lit romance, enjoy the exclusivity of a private beach, or savour some family fun at sunset catered for both children and adults alike. There's just so much to do in Seychelles, whatever the mood calls for. 

Picnic setup with a blue blanket, red pillows, tapas and a bonfire at sunset

Embrace island-living and enjoy a beach picnic, Image Credit: North Island

Island Hopping

Another popular pastime in the archipelago paradise is island hopping. You may not want to leave the particular island that you're on (and we wouldn't blame you!). However, if you happen to feel spontaneously "explory" for a day and would like to venture further afield – there's an entire archipelago out there to discover!

Many resorts and hotels offer optional full-day boat excursions that let you uncover more of what Seychelles offers. Therefore, you can visit several surrounding islands and sample different scenery, culture and cuisine.

Beach with child playing in the waves with boats in the foreground and background

Sample different scenery by visiting surrounding islands, Image Credit: Constance Ephelia

Giant Land Tortoises

Meet Seychelles' oldest residents, the Aldabra Giant Tortoises. Named after the Aldabra Atoll, where they originate, these unhurried giants are one of the largest tortoise species on earth and are endemic to Seychelles.

Slow your pace and meet some of these prehistoric titans roaming Seychelles free from harm. You may even meet some as old as 150 years of age! Find them wandering about the Aldabra Atoll, or visit a nearby sanctuary to view their majesty up close.

Woman feeding a giant tortoise

Aldabra Giant Tortoises are endemic to the Seychelles, Image Credit: Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

Kayaking and SUP

Calm lagoon waters, light swells and limpid streams provide an excellent surface for kayaking or stand-up paddling (SUP). Therefore, you can explore the far reaches of lush island terrain and experience nature as it should be – untouched.

Paddle the island's circumference – stopping on secluded beaches and secret coves along the way. As you paddle further out, you'll discover incredible views of colourful reefs submerged beneath crystal-clear waters. And, quite possibly, you may even encounter gentle manta rays, turtles and dolphins whilst on your paddling journey.

Explore the island by kayak, Image Credit: Constance Ephelia

Big Game Fishing

Seychelles' location in the Indian Ocean, within a delectable distance of the drop-off into the abyssal depths, means that the destination is a fisherman's dream! The deep waters are famed for monster-large fish, and fishing along the abyss is some of the best in the world.

Enjoy calm ocean waters, onboard drinks and snacks while watching for any movement on your line. Seychelles has seen many people land truly impressive tuna, sailfish, wahoo and jobfish, as well as a variety of snapper, wrasse and grouper. Therefore, fishing the drop-off is an exciting way to ensure that your Seychelles retreat begins memorably or concludes on a high note.

Two fishing boats at sunset

Big game fishing at sunset

Discover All That There's to Do in Seychelles

From day-long fishing excursions and island kayak explorations to underwater coral reef expeditions, there's no end to exciting things to do in Seychelles. So, if you are looking for the ultimate tropical holiday, contact our Rhino Africa Travel Experts to find out how you can keep busy on the beach!

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