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Travel Goals for 2023: Rhino Africa CEO David Ryan’s Bucket List

By David Ryan on December 13, 2022

If you haven't started thinking about your travel goals for 2023, there's no better time than now. Christmas is around the corner, and for some, that means booking a flight home for the holidays. However, for me, it means planning our 2023 Travel Calendar can begin! After 20-plus years in the luxury safari business, I can safely say I cannot resist the lure of an African safari. And when it comes to African Travel, I always try to combine some wild encounters with luxury experiences. And in 2023, I have some audacious travel goals. This year, I decided to share them with you. Here they are...

Spectacular sundowners at Shumba Camp

Make your Travel Goals for 2023 come true, Image Credit: Shumba Camp

1. Shumba Camp in Zambia's Busanga Plains

Let's start with Shumba Camp in Zambia's Kafue National Park. This stunning lodge offers guests some serious bragging rights and is the perfect blend of comfort and adventure.

When you're not taking a dip in the pool, sipping on your favourite cocktail at the bar, or enjoying the majestic Kafue River, you can enjoy the incredible diversity of wildlife this area offers. From giraffes to elephants, buffalo, and the rare African wild dog, Kafue is one of Africa's most scenic national parks.  

The newly renovated Shumba Camp is the epitome of Zambian hospitality. With its cosy atmosphere and stunning scenery, as a family of six, what I love about Shumba is that it's both the perfect destination for a romantic getaway or a family vacation. So, exploring the wonders of Zambia and the Busanga Plains ranks very high on my 2023 African Travel list.

the newly renovated shumba lodge

The newly renovated Shumba Camp, Image Credit: Wilderness

2. Lango Camp in Congo's Odzala-Kokoua National Park

Next up, we have the Congo's Odzala-Kokoua National Park and Lango Camp. This is a safari experience like no other. From gorilla trekking to bird watching, you'll experience the national park's vibrant wildlife.

Odzala is a true paradise, with its lush forests, exotic wildlife, and breathtaking views. Located in the Kafue River Basin, the national park is known for its biodiversity and rich forest wildlife. Add over 400 species of birds, and it's not hard to see why Odzala is a birdwatcher's paradise.

Lango Camp offers great accommodations in the heart of the national park. You can choose between a luxurious tent or enjoying a traditional African safari-style experience with a bush camp. Still, either way, the highlight of your stay at Lango Camp will be its stunning views. Whether you're taking in the beauty of the forest or the animals on the savannah, you'll be mesmerised by the beauty of nature in the Congo.

lango camp

Lango Camp is one of my top travel goals for 2023, Image Credit: Odzala Dicovery Camps

3. Serra Cafema Camp in the Hartmann Valley, Namibia

Nestled in the Hartmann Valley at the most remote corner of Namibia, Serra Cafema Camp is the perfect getaway for those looking for a little peace and quiet. With only eight tents, each with its own private deck and breathtaking views of the Kunene River and valley, you'll feel like you're the only one around.

What I love about Serra Cafema Camp is that you can truly just kick back and relax. Wake up in the morning and enjoy a leisurely breakfast before setting out on an adventure to explore the surrounding area. With its ancient rock formations, dunes, and rare wildlife, there's plenty to explore. 

If you're feeling a bit more adventurous, you can take a scenic boat trip down the Kunene River and look for Colgate, the resident "crocodile". And, if you're really lucky, you might even get to meet the Himbas, the last truly nomadic tribe left on earth, and learn more about their culture and traditions.

serra cafema

Serra Cafema is a luxury haven in the wild, Image Credit: Wilderness

4. Singita Sasakwa Lodge in the Private Grumeti Reserve in Northern Tanzania

Singita Sasakwa Lodge...what can I say? It's practically paradise! Located in the stunningly beautiful Private Grumeti Reserve in Northern Tanzania, this luxurious lodge will surely be a highlight on your African safari.

As soon as you arrive, you'll be taken aback by the sheer beauty of this place. With its contemporary design, it blends seamlessly into the surrounding landscape. Everywhere you look, you'll find breathtaking views of the Grumeti, with its rolling hills and wide open plains.

The lodge itself is just as impressive as the views! In true Singita style, the suites are spacious and comfortable, with exquisite furniture and décor. The library, spa, and infinity pool are perfect for relaxing between safaris. From game drives to hot air ballooning, Singita Grumeti is the perfect spot for a life-changing safari. 

singita sasakwa lodge

Singita Sasakwa Lodge is the perfect addition to your list of Travel Goals in 2023, Image Credit: Singita

5. &Beyond Crater Lodge, Ngorongoro Crater

Last but not least, if you're looking for a truly unique place to stay filled with adventure and natural beauty, then Crater Lodge in Ngorongoro Crater is the place for you! This ultra-luxurious lodge is located within the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and situated on the crater edge with awe-inspiring views.

One of the world's most famous natural sites, the crater, looks like a vast bowl overflowing with lush vegetation and wildlife. You can even take a walk around the crater's rim and look down at the amazing sights.

So, if you're looking for a one-of-a-kind adventure filled with natural beauty, then Crater Lodge in Ngorongoro Crater is a perfect choice! With its luxurious accommodations, unique activities, and stunning views, this is the perfect place to stay for those who want to experience the crater's beauty up close.

ngorongoro crater lodge

Welcome to Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, Image Credit: &Beyond

Make Your Travel Goals for 2023 Come True

Now, I could go on, but if I add any more to my 2023 list, I might be single as I enter 2024! But no matter what your travel style, there's something for everyone in Africa. With these incredible lodges and experiences, you'll surely have the time of your life in 2023!

When you find yourself in need of some serious African adventure, then Rhino Africa Safaris is the place to book! We have everything you need to make your safari dreams come true. 

lango camp

Lango Camp, Image Credit: Odzala Dicovery Camps

For starters, whether you want something short and sweet or an extended stay, our tailor-made holidays will ensure the perfect fit. What's more, our Rhino Africa Travel Experts go above and beyond to ensure you get both the best experience possible and price. From luxury lodges to expertly crafted itineraries, we'll make sure you always get the most out of your safari. 

And if that wasn't enough, at Rhino Africa, we're also dedicated to giving back to the African continent. We partner with local conservation and community projects to ensure that your safari benefits not only you but also the environment and the local people.

Book Your 2023 Safari Today

If you're looking for an unforgettable African safari, look no further than Rhino Africa! With our unbeatable combination of luxury, adventure, and social responsibility, you can be sure that your experience will be one you'll never forget!

Contact our Travel Experts today, and let's start planning! 

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