December 21

Tom Cruise in South Africa


December 21, 2022

DUM DUM, doo doo DUM DUM! Attention all "Mission: Impossible" moviegoers and Tom Cruise sweethearts! The Hollywood heartthrob has been spotted in stunning South Africa, and let's just say things are about to get a little more exciting around these neck of the woods…

Motorcycle scene from a Mission Impossible movie

South Africa is getting even more action-packed, Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

The Countdown Is Not Helping

Yes, you heard that right – Tom Cruise is in South Africa, and he's not just here to soak up the sun, go on a Big 5 safari, and enjoy a few braais (that's barbecues for the non-South Africans out there). No, Cruise is in town to film the latest instalment of the "Mission: Impossible" franchise, and let's just say the stakes are high (as per usual).

Red light! Green light!

But don't just take our word for it – locals have been spotting Cruise all over the place. According to social media, (in true “spy” fashion) Cruise landed his helicopter at the Killarney Country Club in Johannesburg earlier this month. Then, Twitter user @Blademale, also shared a photo and short video of Tom Cruise driving through KwaZulu-Natal, which they captured while he passed by – an unexpected road trip surprise for sure!

Tom Cruise and Killarney Country Club team posing for a photo

Tom Cruise landing at the Killarney Country Club, Image Credit: Killarney Country Club

Tom Cruise driving by

Tom Cruise recently spotted in KwaZulu-Natal, Image Credit: Twitter user @Blademale

Make It Count

As filming gets underway, fans can expect to see more of Cruise in South Africa as he takes on the role of Ethan Hunt, the main character in the "Mission: Impossible" series. Whether he's scaling the towering heights of Table Mountain or navigating the bustling streets of Cape Town, Cruise is sure to make the most of his time in our beautiful country as he brings the latest instalment of the "Mission: Impossible" franchise to life.

Paragliding off Signal Hill

If I Let You Know Where I'm Going, I Won't Be On Holiday

So why South Africa, you ask? Well, we can't give away too many details (those pesky non-disclosure agreements), but let's just say the diverse landscapes and stunning natural beauty of our beloved country provide the perfect backdrop for some high-stakes action sequences.

Chapman's Peak Drive in Cape Town

Chapman's Peak Drive in Cape Town

Mission Accomplished

So if you're a fan of Tom Cruise, or just a good old-fashioned action movie fanatic, be sure to keep an eye out for updates on the filming of "Mission: Impossible 7" in South Africa. Who knows, you might just get the chance to see Cruise in action as he takes on his latest mission (and possibly saves the world while he's at it). Are you ready for action? Contact our Travel Experts to experience exciting South Africa first hand!

Featured Image: The Blast

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