February 22

Formula E Electrifies Cape Town!


February 22, 2023

Attention all fast and furious aficionados! Are you ready to rev up your engines and experience the ultimate rush in South Africa? Formula E in Cape Town is about to electrify the continent with its heart-pumping, eco-friendly racing action. And guess what? We're your go-to source for all the juicy deets and travel arrangements. Let's hit the track!

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Formula E comes to Cape Town

What is Formula E?

Buckle up, folks! Formula E is the sizzling-hot single-seater electric car racing series that's got everybody's gears turning. Launched in 2014, this high-voltage event zaps the competition with eco-friendly electric-powered cars that pack a seriously potent punch.

Unbeatable tech, global city circuits, top teams and drivers, Image Credit: Cape Town E-Prix

It's out with the messy, smelly, old-school engines and in with doing good by going green and loving it! And it's not just the planet that's winning – Formula E in Cape Town attracts the crème-de-la-crème of racing drivers from around the globe. No wonder this eco-racing extravaganza is generating a surge of fans and causing a stir. 

High-speed, action-packed racing, Image Credit: Formula E

Where is it Taking Place?

Get ready for a race like no other! The Cape Town Street Circuit in Green Point is where the high-voltage Formula E action will be going down.

Zooming through the city streets for 2.87 kilometres, this electrifying track is set against the jaw-dropping backdrop of Table Mountain. It's not just any old race – it's a one-of-a-kind, exhilarating experience you won't want to miss!

Formula E in Cape Town race track map, Image Credit: Formula E

When is The Event?

Start your engines, there's no time to waste! The electrifying Cape Town Formula E race is zooming into town on February 25th, 2023 – and you won't want to miss it.

The adrenaline-fueled action kicks off at a bright and early 8:00 am and goes full throttle until 7:00 pm. So, pencil it in your planner and prepare to witness the future of racing!

Event Schedule

Saturday, 25 February 2023

  • 08h00 – Gates Open
  • 09h10 to 09h40 – Free Practice 2
  • 11h40 to 12h55 – Qualifying
  • 16h00 – Race
  • 17h00 – Podium Ceremony
  • 19h00 – Event Close

Rise and shine for an epic day of racing in Cape Town 

Formula E in Cape Town Travel Tips

If you're hyped to hit up Formula E in Cape Town, we've got some hot tips to keep your travel game on point. So, get ready to ride because we're about to ensure you have a turbo-charged adventure with no speed bumps!

Cape Town’s Must-Sees

From the dazzling heights of Table Mountain to the funky streets of Bo-Kaap, there are many wild and wonderful things to discover in this city. 

Sip on some silky vino in Stellenbosch, play penguin peek-a-boo at Boulders Beach, delve into South African history at the District Six Museum, and so much more. For more of the must-sees in Cape Town, take a closer look at The Best of Cape Town – A Rhino Africa Guide.

African penguins at Boulders Beach in Cape Town

Spend the day sunning yourself with the best-dressed birds in Africa

Where to Rest Your Head in Cape Town

The city boasts some of the best hotels in the world, and we've compiled a list of the top places to stay during your visit. There's something for everyone, from the luxurious One&Only Cape Town to the iconic Mount Nelson Hotel and the stunning Silo Hotel. Check out our list of the Best Hotels in Cape Town.

Sunset over Table Mountain in Cape Town

Find your perfect place to stay in Cape Town

Ready to Rev Your Engines in Cape Town? 

The Formula E race in Cape Town is going to be an electrifying experience for gearheads and greenies alike! Take advantage of this unique opportunity to witness racing history. To make the most of your stay, contact our team of Travel Experts and let us help you plan your eco-tastic adventure in Cape Town!

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