March 10

Your Guide to Tipping in Africa


March 10, 2023

Planning a trip to our home continent but unsure about tipping in Africa and what’s acceptable? When travelling to new destinations, you can expect other customs and expectations, and Africa is no different. Here’s our overview guide of what you should consider tipping to show appreciation to all the incredible staff who makes your journey memorable.

Silvan Safari butler

Africa will welcome you with open arms

Your Guide to Tipping in Africa

You had the best experience, but are unsure about the best practice when it comes to tipping in Africa? You can tip whatever you're comfortable with, however, here's a guideline of what we recommend to our guests when travelling to our continent.

Tipping on Safari

The staff at safari lodges collectively make your stay as magical as possible. A lot of work goes in behind the scenes to make everything look so flawless! Here’s what to consider tipping each staff member for their efforts.

Safari Guide = USD 20 per Couple per Day

Your safari ranger or guide will spend a lot of time with you, rising super early to take you on those morning game drives and heading home late after your afternoon or night safari. They have a wealth of knowledge, and a good guide really makes all the difference.

We recommend you set aside about $20 per couple per day for tipping your safari ranger.

Silvan Safari game drive in Sabi Sand

Your safari guide and tracker make the safari experience special

Safari Tracker = USD 12 per Couple per Day

Your safari tracker will accompany the ranger on the game drive vehicle but has a different role. They are experts at finding even the most elusive animals, so that they can show you all the wonders of the African animal kingdom.

You should consider tipping about $12 per couple per day to say thank you to your safari tracker.

Safari or Hotel Butler = USD 12 per Couple per Day

Your safari or hotel butler will become your best friend, always at your beck and call and ensuring your drink is expertly mixed just the way you like it.

You can expect to tip your safari or hotel butler $12 per couple per day for their efforts.

Your guide to tipping in Africa

Bubbly, anyone?

Safari Lodge or Hotel General Staff = USD 12 per Couple per Day

The general staff at a safari lodge or hotel ensures everything is polished, from the facilities to the experience. 

We suggest you tip them around $12 per couple per day for all their hard work.

Silvan Safari housekeeping staff

Smiling faces, sterling service

Exploring the City 

Venturing out in an unknown city is much easier if you’ve got a clued-up local to show you around. When dining out in a new city, there are also different expectations around tipping.


Enjoy a food tour through Bo-Kaap in Cape Town to taste Cape Malay cooking, Image Credit: Craig Howes

City Tours: Half-Day Guide = USD 12 per Couple

You will likely go on at least one half-day tour with a guide when exploring our beautiful Africa. They will drive you around and accompany you to all the incredible attractions you visit. 

For a half-day guide, we recommend tipping $12 per couple.

Canopy tour in Africa

How about some adventure like canopy tours?

City Tours: Full-Day Guide = USD 20 per Couple

A full-day guide will spend an entire day with you, so we recommend tipping $20 per couple for a full-day guide.

Restaurants and Bars: 10-15%

In Africa, patrons are generally expected to tip at least 10-15% of their bill. If you’ve had a spectacular experience, feel free to tip more, but this is the general norm. 

Your guide to tipping in Africa when it comes to restaurants

Africa is home to several excellent foodie destinations, Image Credit: Delaire Graff

Travelling in Between

Are you heading to the airport, a new lodge, or a restaurant for dinner? Your lodge or hotel will often arrange a road transfer driver for a fuss-free, comfortable journey. 

Road Transfer Drivers = USD 2-8 per Couple

 We suggest you tip road transfer drivers anything between $2-$8 per couple per trip. 

airstrip transfer to serengeti under canvas after your flight

Your welcoming party to Africa

Tipping in Africa – An Overview

  • Safari Guide = $20 per couple per day
  • Safari Tracker = $12 per couple per day
  • Safari or Hotel Butler = $12 per couple per day
  • Safari or Hotel General Staff = $12 per couple per day
  • City Tours: Half-Day Guide = $12 per couple
  • City Tours: Full-Day Guide = $20 per couple
  • Road Transfer Drivers = $2-8 per couple
  • Restaurants & Bars: 10-15%

We Are Your African Travel Experts 

At Rhino Africa, you’re never left to your own devices. We ensure you know exactly where to be, when and what you’ll be doing. We also ensure there’s a welcoming party ready to accompany you! 

All our tours are tailor-made, meaning no two travel itineraries are exactly the same. Just like no two people are the same, right? To us, it just makes sense. However, there’s a common misconception that booking tailor-made tours is more expensive…well, with us, it’s not! 

We offer our valued guests the best price guaranteed, and we’re able to do so because we’re located in Africa, so cut out the middleman. We also contract the best rates without making compromises (it helps to know the right people!), and our itineraries are generally 5-15% cheaper than booking directly or through an international agent. 

In fact, we’re so proud and confident about this that if you can find a better price for the same holiday, we’ll beat it.

Join us in Africa 

Ready to come to Africa? We can’t wait to plan your dream African safari. Contact our Travel Experts today, and let’s start planning! 

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