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Why a Multi-Generational Family Safari is The Best Way to Bond


By Michelle Welvering on March 26, 2023

Gather your wise grandparents, tall teenagers, tiny tots and every bonus family member in between and get ready to embark on an epic expedition with your entire clan! A multi-generational family safari in Africa is the perfect opportunity to bond and create long-lasting memories. Trust us, nothing quite compares to the magic of exploring the untamed wilderness with your loved ones by your side! Here's why you'll (all) love it...

Silhouette at sunset of a multi-generational family safari

Prepare for a family reunion like never before, Image Credit: Londolozi

Celebrating Family Ties in Africa

Are you looking to celebrate your daughter's graduation on a Big 5 safari? The grandparents' milestone anniversary following the Great Migration? Maybe Victoria Falls is the perfect backdrop for your son's 21st? Or perhaps you're just looking to throw a legendary family reunion? Whatever the occasion, we're here to ensure it's nothing less than extraordinary! 

A multi-generational family safari in the Greater Kruger National Park

A family safari in Africa creates unforgettable memories, Image Credit: Londolozi

Why is a Multi-Generational Family Safari So Special?

One of the most significant benefits of a multi-generational family safari is the chance to forge unbreakable bonds with your loved ones in a way that's simply impossible in the repetitive hustle and bustle of daily life. In the wilds of Africa, you can all come together as one, free from the pesky distractions of modern living. It's utopia, where heartfelt conversations, rollicking laughter, and unforgettable memories are the norm.

Reconnect in nature on a multi-generational family safari, Image Credit: Chongwe Camp

Individuality Makes Family Safaris Interesting

It's no secret that each of you is unique with your favourite "flavours". Whether you're into fancy digs, exotic eats, lively endeavours, or laid-back leisure – we get it. And hey, we won't judge if your uncle Bob needs some "me time" every now and then. So fear not because we are the connoisseurs of crafting tailor-made safari experiences in Africa that cater to everything when it comes to your tribe's needs and wants!

Maasai warrior teaching bow and arrow skills to a teenage boy

We tailor-make safari experiences to cater for every individual – big or small, Image Credit: Governors' Camp

A Base for Every Taste

We've got the inside scoop on some seriously fantastic accommodation options perfect for your multi-generational squad. Picture this... spacious family villas, cosy safari tents, and luxe suites that epitomise comfort. Each one is designed to give everyone their own slice of paradise to kick back and relax in style.

Little girl reading a book on her bed in a safari tent

An ideal space to suit every type of traveller, Image Credit: Governors' Camp

We're talking about multiple living areas, private swimming pools, and outdoor chill spaces that'll have you feeling like you're living your best life. And, if you don't fancy sharing your entire abode – or uncle Bob prefers a sanctuary of solitude all to his own – we have separate suites and even adjoining units that'll keep you all together in perfect harmony.

Frontal view of Thornybush's Little Saseka

Luxury lodges boast both quiet nooks and comfy places to gather, Image Credit: Thornybush

Activities for the Whole Family

You and the family can look forward to many safari activities. Take your pick of the ones that tickle your fancy, and skip those not really up your alley.

Game Drives

Morning and afternoon game drives are a no-brainer at most lodges and luxury camps. But why settle for the ordinary when you can have your own private game drive vehicle? That's right, you and your family can cruise through the African bush at your own pace while your expert guide customises the experience to match your interests and preferences. Talk about personalised service!

Spotting a leopard while on a game drive

Close encounters on a private family game drive, Image Credit: Governors' Camp

Alternative Safari Activities

But wait, there's more! If you or a family member feel like switching things up, there are plenty of other exciting activities to choose from. How about a bush walk or a bird-watching expedition? Or maybe you're in the mood for an epic hot-air balloon ride? And let's not forget about the water-based safari adventures.

If you're exploring Botswana's Chobe River and Okavango Delta, or Zimbabwe and Zambia's Zambezi River, you can enjoy a whole host of aquatic activities like river cruises, catch and release fishing, and even mokoro rides. The sky's the limit!

Hot air balloon ride for a multi-generational family safari

An array of safari activities for the whole family, Image Credit: Thornybush

Activities for Tiny Tots

So you're out in the wild on a thrilling safari adventure with your loved ones strengthening family bonds. But let's be real, even the coolest parents need a break sometimes.

That's when you'll want to sneak off to the lodge's serene spa or have a dreamy bush picnic with your significant other. But what do you do with your younglings?

Slip away for a sneaky bush breakfast and enjoy some quality time, Image Credit: Governors' Camp

To keep the kiddos entertained and give you some much-needed R&R, it's wise to opt for a lodge with an impressive kids' program. Lucky for you, we know of plenty of seriously awesome spots. These lodges aren't just child-friendly – they're child-tastic!

With everything from junior ranger programs to culinary wizardry workshops, your little ones will have a blast while learning cool stuff. So go ahead, kick back and relax – your tiny tribe is in good hands!

Four children on game drive vehicle with expert guide

Your children will feel like wilderness experts in no time, Image Credit: Somalisa Acacia Camp

Bush Dining and Bonfire Bonding

Let us not overlook the delectable cuisine! These luxurious lodges serve up a remarkable array of mouth-watering delicacies that will tantalise your taste buds. From succulent bush barbecues that will leave you salivating to exquisite gourmet dinners that will make you swoon, your entire crew will be indulged and content.

Moreover, these lodges are entirely devoted to catering to your dietary preferences and restrictions, so there's no need to worry about finicky eaters or uncle Bob's troublesome allergies.

Chef preparing a late lunch while a family enjoys drinks and catching up around an outdoor dining table

Savour tantalising cuisine made to your liking, Image Credit: Jabali Private House

And after you've had your fill, there's nothing quite like gathering around a crackling bonfire to unwind and luxuriate. Share stories of your exciting safari adventures, marvel at the astonishing wildlife you've encountered and revel in each other's delightful company under the glittering stars. These are the moments that make a multi-generational family safari a priceless experience.

Family sitting around a bonfire alongside a river

Bonding around the bonfire is the best way to end a day filled with safari activities, Image Credit: Chongwe Camp

A Multi-Generational Family Safari to Remember

A multi-generational family safari is the perfect time to forge unforgettable memories in a truly enchanting setting. So, whether you're marking a milestone birthday, commemorating an anniversary, or just longing to rekindle that familial spark, reach out to our trusted Travel Experts and let's make your wildest dreams come true.

We can't wait to welcome your family to Africa (yes, even uncle Bob!). 

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