April 6

Africa’s Best Camouflaged Animals


April 6, 2023

Did you see that? While some African animals are fairly easy to spot on game drives and walking safaris, others are true masters when it comes to blending in with their surrounding wilderness. Take a look at some of Africa's best-camouflaged animals with us. It makes you wonder...how many beautiful creatures have been hiding from us in plain sight?

A male lion hiding in high grass, one of Africa's best camouflaged animals

Keep your eyes peeled on safari – Africa's wildlife might be closer than you think

We can't get enough of our continent's wildlife. From the Big 5 to incredible animal sightings underwater, Africa always delivers. A luxury safari never gets old because the wildlife you encounter is different every single time. Unpredictable and thrilling, let's show you the big and little wonders of Mother Nature. Here our some of Africa's top camouflaged animals.

Giant Stick Insect

Giant stick insect blending in with surroundings, one of the best camouflaged animals in Africa

A master of disguise

Our beloved Kruger National Park is not only home to the magnificent Big 5, but it's also where you'll find the biggest stick insect in South Africa. The giant stick insect grows up to 30 centimetres long. Have a closer look at moving twigs on your next Kruger safari.


Green grasshopper blending in with leaves - one of the best camouflaged animals in Africa

You might spot him when he hops...

Grasshoppers blend in effortlessly with nature's colour scheme. Did you know that the males are smaller and like to get a piggyback ride from the females – how convenient! But this also keeps other competing males away from their chosen one.


Scorpionfish blending in with yellow coral reef

Africa' underwater world never disappoints

Keep a close eye on the colourful coral reefs on your next snorkelling or diving holiday to ZanzibarMauritius or Seychelles. You might be, in fact, looking at a scorpionfish, one of the best-camouflaged animals in Africa.

Nile Crocodile

A nile crocodile in Africa, one of the best camouflaged animals on the African continent

A body of water in Africa? There might be a crocodile lurking somewhere...

Make sure to scan the surface of any watering hole and river (mouth) when in Africa. There could be a crocodile hanging out just below the surface. You often only see their eyes or long nose. However, when they sunbathe on the sand, they're not necessarily easier to spot.

Long-tailed Nightjar

A long-tailed nightjar blending in with leaves and dirt

Mind your step, the long-tailed nightjar lives on the ground

Nightjars manage to match their daily outfit with their home aesthetics. This bird species prefers to live on the ground, where it can hide in plain sight.

Spotted Eagle Owl 

Two spotted eagle owls hiding in a tree in Botswana, another example of best camouflaged animals in Africa

Hoot! Try to spot us in the tree

Owls equally deserve their title as one of the best-camouflaged animals in Africa. The spotted eagle owl, for example, doesn't even have to try hard to hide in trees. Sometimes, all you see is their captivating yellow eyes.


Leopard perfectly camouflaged in the African bush

Prey often doesn't see them coming

A leopard's rosettes allow him to become one with the African bush and stalk prey. Just like house cats, they like to sleep a lot, and once they lie down in the grass, it's almost impossible to find them.


A green chameleon in Africa, a well-camouflaged creatue

Chameleons master the art of hiding

This one is a no-brainer. Chameleons are known to be able to change their colour depending on their environment. However, your guide and tracker will try to find one of these fascinating creatures on your evening or night game drive.

Gaboon Viper

A gaboon viper in Afria between leaves

Sneaky snake hiding between leaves

The gaboon viper and other snake species haven't just mastered sneaking up on their prey. They also excel in the art of camouflage. Did you know that there are over 500 different species in Africa?


Gecko in Madagascar

Geckos amaze with stunning colours

They love climbing the walls of your safari lodge and hunting mosquitos. Finding a little gecko in your (holiday) home symbolises good luck.

Experience Africa's Best Camouflaged Animals on Safari

Do you want to try your luck and find some of the best-camouflaged animals in the wild? Contact our Travel Experts and start planning your personalised safari adventure today! We can't wait to welcome you to our continent so you can experience our incredible wildlife.

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