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5 Things to Know When Travelling to Botswana


By Michelle Welvering on April 14, 2023

Travelling to Botswana is like diving headfirst into waves of wilderness – you never know what you'll find! But don't worry, we've got you covered. Here are a few important tidbits to keep in mind before you venture into the wild heart of Africa.

Safari aquático via mokoro no Delta do Okavango

When travelling to Botswana, be sure to go on a mokoro safari in the Okavango Delta

1. What Month is Best for a Safari in Botswana?

Looking for a wild adventure that'll make your heart sing? Then head over to Botswana during the dry months from June to October! Trust us, it's a time like no other when the animals come out to play and put on a show that'll leave you wanting more. This is also the perfect time to see the Okavango Delta in full flood.

But don't count out the rainy season from January to April! While some wildlife may scatter, certain areas like Chobe's Savuti region and the Kalahari are perfect for summer game viewing. Plus, you'll see other iconic animals on their migration path, including our striped zebra friends.

Zebras walking into the sunset

Watch the zebra migration in Botswana

2. What is the Cost of a Safari in Botswana?

Many variables can influence the cost of travelling to Botswana. Do you want to travel during peak season or enjoy a quieter, off-peak adventure? How much luxury do you desire, and where do you want to explore? It's safe to say that the more you invest, the more exclusive your safari experience will be.

But don't let the price discourage you – exclusivity is key to an unforgettable safari. Private reserves and lodges offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the wilderness without fending off crowds of tourists.

If Botswana is calling your name, be prepared to dish out anywhere from $550 to $3,000 per person per night. Whether you opt for a 4-star or lavish 5-star stay, the memories will be priceless.

Luxury safaris in Botswana at Kind's Pool in Okavango Delta

Travelling to Botswana does not mean you have to sacrifice luxury, Image Credit: King's Pool

3. Are There Any Luggage Restrictions in Botswana?

When travelling to Botswana, many remote camps and lodges are only accessible by charter flight. These flights have limited luggage capacity, so remember to pack all your checked luggage in one soft-sided bag per person and keep your hand luggage in a small daypack or handbag.

The total weight of your luggage (checked and carry-on) should not exceed 20kg (44 lbs). But don't worry about packing clean clothes for every day. Many lodges and properties offer laundry services at no extra cost. Keep it casual, too – Africa's dress code is pretty relaxed!

Commercial flights are a little more laid back, but their allowance is still one checked suitcase of 20kg (44 lbs) per person, so we suggest sticking to that weight.

collecting luggage botswana airport

Make sure to bring your soft-sided bags when going on safari in Botswana

4. Connection Times for Charter Flights in Botswana

Most of Botswana's remote camps have their own airstrips to accommodate charter flights. These light aircraft transfers do not work on a set schedule.

The operations team on the ground confirms the flight times a day or two in advance based on the number of passengers flying and the route they'll take. So, the camp will notify you of your flight details 24 to 48 hours before your takeoff.

Charter aircraft on runway

Light aircraft transfers give you access to remote places in Botswana, Image Credit: Wilderness Air

5. What are The Child-Entry Requirements?

If you're embarking on a journey through the stunning borders of Botswana with a mini-adventurer (a child under 18), bring a certified or notarised copy of their unabridged birth certificate, along with their trusty passport.

And hey, if one of the parents can't join in on the fun, don't fret! Just make sure to have an affidavit from the other parent granting permission for the travel shenanigans.

Start planning your next family holiday to Botswana

Are You Ready for Your Safari in Botswana?

So pack light, bring your little explorers, and prepare for a lifetime adventure. With the right planning, preparation and help from our Travel Experts, you'll be ready to take on Botswana in full safari force!

Reach out to our Travel Experts today, and let's start planning! 

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