May 25

The Perfect Southern Africa Tour for Australians

May 25, 2023

Hate the stress and rush of some holidays? Prefer to take things easy, ay? When you're on holiday, you want to be able to kick back and not worry about logistics or cramming everything you want to do in one single week. If this sounds like a dream come true, then this slow and leisurely Southern Africa tour for Australians is for you. Let's have a Captain Cook to see what the fuss is about…

Sunset view over the Atlantic ocean

Our home Cape Town is one of the most beautiful places in Southern Africa, Image Credit: The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa

It's Time for Africa

Southern Africa has so many world-famous treasures to offer, and it's especially attractive to Australians interested in our African wildlife, nature, food, wine, and wellness experiences.

Mate, you deserve a long, leisurely holiday in Southern Africa where you can enjoy the finer things in life, ay? From brekky to tea, morn to arvo, follow us this way to see how to spend your many days in Southern Africa…This is just a little taste of what you can expect from a Southern Africa Tour for Australians – of course we will tailor yours according to your needs, wishes and preferences.


Nowhere to be, nothing to do than relax on this Southern Africa Tour for Australians, Image Credit: Ellerman House

First up: Cosmopolitan Cape Town 

Our Aussie guests just love Cape Town in South Africa, and we'd bet you'd do too. She's a beaut and packed with excellent fine dining restaurants, wine farms, art galleries, dreamy beaches and spas. There's so much to do that you'd have to become a local to experience it all – but you can give it a fair go! It's also easy to reach as the heart of the city is a quick 20-minute drive without traffic from the Cape Town International Airport. 

Spend as much time as you can here to get the full effect. Our Travel Experts can help recommend the max time you need in our Mother City to make sure you don't miss out! 

Woman sitting on a picnic blanket on Signal Hill in Cape Town watching the sunset

A slow sunset picnic is one of the best ways to end a day in Cape Town

Next up: Captivating Cape Winelands

We know you Aussies know a thing or two about wine…but just wait until you enjoy it the South African way. Come sip some of our cultivars, including Pinotage – our signature variety – and enjoy a lazy day in the sun for a good ol' time. 

The best part is the storybook setting, though! Rolling vineyards and dramatic mountain ranges make for the best photo opps! And the food, oh the food! You can wrap your laughing gear 'round some of the best fine dining dishes in the world in the Cape Winelands.

Set aside enough time for your stay here, as there are a baffling number of wine farms in Franschhoek, Stellenbosch, Paarl and beyond. There are also divine day spas and art galleries you'd want to add to your holiday itinerary.

Fine dining and wine at Delaire Graff in the Cape Winelands

Fine dining and wine with a view, Image Credit: Delaire Graff

And on to: No Dramas in Kruger National Park

Feeling knackered from the pressures back home? No more, mate. Safari bush spas are calling your name. If you're keen just to lie back and let the experts do their magic while soaking in the sounds and smells of the bush, you'll be in seventh heaven on safari.

Plus, the plunge pools! We love lying in the sun and just staring at the wildlife passing below or perhaps a friendly elephant popping in to say hi while taking a drink from your pool with its trunk. Keep them cocktails coming, ay?

A Kruger safari is also ace for families as there are many luxury lodges catering specifically for your adorable little ankle biters. We know you love them, but you deserve to get a little breather from being their oldies too! We defo recommend you set aside a minimum of one full week to enjoy the best Kruger has to offer.

Silvan Safari Ansellia Spa hot stone massage

Heal your mind, body and soul with spa treatments in the Kruger National Park

Next up: Victoria Falls

Vic Falls. The Smoke that Thunders. Mosi-oa-Tunya. She goes by many names, but all you need to know is that Victoria Falls is real BONZER!

It's got something for everyone, whether you prefer a chilled sunrise cruise with a cuppa or a party sunset cruise on the Zambezi River. Or, you can even step things up even more with some adrenaline-fueled adventure like a gorge swing, zip-lining or white-water rafting! Victoria Falls is your oyster.

Whether you stay in Zimbabwe or Zambia (both countries give you access to the Falls), you'll love the experience. 

Helicopter experience over Victoria Falls

Helicopter experience over Victoria Falls, Image Credit: Flight of the Angels

Final Stop: Okavango Delta

I spy with my little eye…a water wonderland brimming with wildlife! But more importantly, very few human beings! We invite you to end your Southern Africa tour in Botswana's Okavango Delta, the perfect setting for a digital detox and to find your inner zen before you head back home. 

There's something about going out onto the water in their traditional mokoro (like a dugout canoe reminiscent of Venice's gondolas). You really get to switch off the world and just enjoy the peace of the wilderness around you. 

Mokoro safari in the Okavango Delta

Mokoro safari in the Okavango Delta

See You in Southern Africa, Mate! 

Your fellow Aussies can't stop raving about Southern Africa? Come see what the big deal is with your own two eyes. You won't regret it! 

The above destinations are just some ideas. We believe no two people are alike, and therefore we don't copy and paste our tours. Let our African Travel Experts chat to you about all your likes, dislikes, yays and nays so they can tailor-make your dream holiday from scratch.

What are you waiting for? Let's start planning!

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