May 29

A “Crash” Course on Inclusive Culture


May 29, 2023

Welcome to Rhino Africa, where we, the Rhino Crash, come together and celebrate the diversity of our team. We break free from the chains of race, culture, religion, and disabilities – extending a warm embrace to the kaleidoscope of identities and orientations that make our LGBTQ+ members shine! With our unique backgrounds, perspectives, and talents, we roam freely in a culture that treasures every individual. Join us as we explore what it truly means to be part of the Rhino Africa family.

A motley crew of extraordinary beings, hailing from every corner of the cosmos

Embracing Our Peculiar Patchwork

One of the core pillars of Rhino Africa's culture is the embracement of diversity. Like a vibrant tapestry, our team comprises individuals from all walks of life, speaking a symphony of languages, and bringing a burst of diverse perspectives to the table.

We cherish the fact that each team member adds their own splash of colour to the canvas, creating a masterpiece that's uniquely Rhino Africa. We don't conform to the norm – we revel in the delightful chaos of our differences, which breathe life into our team and allow us to serve our guests like no other.

“Diversity at Rhino Africa extends beyond race and gender, it encompasses a wide spectrum of personal characteristics, including age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability and more.” – Barry
Aerial shot of the Rhino Africa team waving from the roof of HQ

Our Rhino Crash is a quirky mix of travellers and adventurers

We are all Rockstars in our Inclusive Jam Sessions

Inclusiveness is the key that unlocks the power of our diversity. We don't just preach it, we live it. From the moment we joined the Rhino Crash, we entered a world where every voice counts, and every idea is shared, debated, and nurtured. We thrive on lively discussions, spirited debates, and the magical alchemy that happens when diverse minds collide. 

In our collaborative cauldron, there are no wrong answers, only a chorus of perspectives that blend together to create harmony. It's a place where weird and wonderful ideas are nurtured, where every team member's unique brilliance can shine and contribute to our collective success.

“We can truly be ourselves at Rhino Africa. It’s quite common for laughs to be heard in the office, songs to be sung out at any moment, and to feel comfortable in expressing our feelings.” – Cayleigh

Rhino Africa staff members sharing knowledge and brain storming

With a world of knowledge and diverse skills, we are an unstoppable force

Unleashing the "Quirkster" Within

Forget about fitting into a neat little box. At Rhino Africa, we celebrate individuality like nobody's business! We revel in the rainbow of peculiarities that make us truly extraordinary. As such, each member of our Rhino Crash is encouraged to unleash their authentic selves, quirks and all, adding a sprinkle of sparkle to our work.

In this glittering arena of acceptance, our true colours shine bright, creating an atmosphere bursting with creativity, innovation, and, of course, a healthy dose of quirkiness we've become known for.

Two members of the Rhino Crash at a work function having fun

We don't shy away from getting our quirk on!

Building Bridges and Beyond

But our mission continues beyond the walls of Rhino Africa. We're on a quest to build bridges and connect communities – both near and far. We believe in the transformative power of unity, so we put our cape-wearing superhero suits on to champion these values.

Through strategic alliances with impactful organisations and initiatives like the Good Work Foundation, Khumbulani Day Care Centre, and The Wildlife ACT, we broaden our understanding, foster empathy, and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable world.

"We love Africa, we love people, we're all about conservation, and we believe in creating an impact while making dreams come true." – Elizabeth
Rhino Africa champions initiatives to ensure the empowerment, education, and protection of local communities

Rhino Africa champions initiatives to ensure the empowerment, education, and protection of local communities

Proud (Family) Members of the Crash

Being part of the Rhino Crash is an honour we cherish deeply. We're not just coworkers; we're a tribe bonded by our shared values and a relentless passion for what we do. Together, we form an unstoppable brigade, charging through the realms of possibility and turning dreams into reality.

In our Crash, we find courage, inspiration, and a love so fierce it could move mountains. We highlight each other's triumphs, lift each other up when the going gets tough, and create a safe haven where every team member can spread their wings and soar to new heights.

"At Rhino Africa, we're surrounded by people who'll laugh with you, not at you. We create bonds with our colleagues that stretch beyond working hours, forming actual lifelong relationships. You really get the feeling of one big blended family." – Courtney
To Rhino Africa Crash members hugging

Working at Rhino Africa is not just a job, it's a way of life

All-Encompassing African Adventures

We consider it an honour to be part of Rhino Africa, an organisation that not only acknowledges the beauty of diversity and inclusivity but throws a lavish party in its honour. 

Join the celebration as we curate a personalised journey through Africa just for you. It's time to embrace uniqueness, embody unity, and embark on an adventure like no other. 

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