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What Makes a Tarangire National Park Safari Special?


By Michelle Welvering on July 11, 2023

Is it worth going to Tarangire National Park? Well, if you're seeking an off-the-beaten-path safari experience in Tanzania, Tarangire National Park should be at the top of your list! With its unique features, this region offers a truly special adventure. Let's explore what sets Tarangire apart and why it is a must-visit destination for safari enthusiasts.

Elephant sighting while on a game drive

Savour the solitude on a Tarangire National Park safari, Image Credit: Little Chem Chem

What is the Difference Between Tarangire and the Serengeti National Park?

While the Serengeti National Park steals the show by being host to the Great Migration, Tarangire dances to its own beat. Why? Well, one notable difference is that Tarangire lets you double the safari fun by pairing it with a visit to the nearby avian wonder of Lake Manyara – famous for its pink appearance thanks to a profusion of flamingos flocking to its waters. 

Plus, Tarangire's offbeat vibe means fewer crowds and more elbow room to enjoy a safari experience that feels like your very own secret escape.

Flamingos flying over Lake Manyara

Flamingos wade through Lake Manyara's waters alongside pods of hippos

Tarangire National Park's Claim to Fame

Tarangire is famous for its large elephant herds, with some groups numbering up to 300 individuals. Witnessing these gentle giants in their natural habitat is a sight to behold and a highlight of any visit. Moreover, the national park is home to ancient rock art paintings, which offer a glimpse into the region's rich cultural heritage.

Elephants at a waterhole

Tarangire is particularly famous for its large elephant herds, Image Credit: Tarangire Treetops

The Best Time to Visit Tarangire National Park

The dry season, from June to October, is widely considered the best time to embark on your Tarangire National Park safari. During this period, the wildlife density is exceptional as the Tarangire River remains the sole water source in the area. Witness incredible sightings as animals congregate around the river and sporadic waterholes.

Wildlife congregates nervously around scarce water sources, Image Credit: Little Chem Chem

The dry season also offers pleasant weather conditions, with mild temperatures and minimal rainfall. This makes it easier to navigate the national park and enjoy outdoor activities comfortably. However, even during the wetter months, Tarangire retains its allure, with lush landscapes and migratory bird species enhancing the overall safari experience.

Aerial view of giraffe in a lush green landscape

A Tarangire National Park safari is just as mesmerising during the rainy season, Image Credit: Little Chem Chem

Safari Activities in Tarangire National Park

Game drives in Tarangire National Park are a popular choice, providing you with the opportunity to explore the area's vast plains and various habitats. However, Tarangire is probably most popular for its walking safaris. These guided walks allow you to observe the national park's flora and fauna up close, providing a deeper connection to nature. 

Hot air balloon safari floating above zebra

Gaze down on wildlife from the sky, Image Credit: Little Chem Chem

Alternatively, some camps and lodges offer photographic safaris, hot air balloon trips, helicopter flights, private bush dining in the wilderness, Maasai cultural experiences, and canoe safaris.

Canoe safari on Lake Gursi

Experience the beauty of Tanzania from a unique perspective on a canoe safari, Image Credit: Sanctuary Swala Camp

Wildlife in Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park awakens as the rains recede and the dry season takes hold. During the months of July and August, Africa's majestic elephants migrate in great numbers, creating a paradise for those who adore these gentle giants. 

Furthermore, Tarangire teems with an abundance of plains game, and as the dry season progresses, hundreds of buffalo emerge, adding to the extraordinary spectacle. With ten percent of the national park encompassing vast swamp lands, all creatures, big and small, flock to the water's edge to quench their thirst and seek respite from the scorching heat.

Elephant herd seen on a game drive

Witness herds of up to 300 elephants, Image Credit: Sanctuary Swala Camp

During this time, the predator-prey dynamic becomes evident. Lions stealthily patrol the fringes of the swamps, patiently awaiting the perfect moment to strike. The sweeping plains offer the ideal hunting grounds for lightning-fast cheetahs, while the towering presence of ancient baobab trees serves as a sanctuary for leopards, allowing them to keep their hard-earned kills away from the ever-vigilant hyenas.

Yet Tarangire's allure extends far beyond its magnificent mammal life. The wide-ranging habitats provide a haven for nearly 500 bird species. Here, bird enthusiasts can indulge in the captivating sightings of the endangered rufous-tailed weaver, ashy starling, and a myriad of other feathered creatures. 

Cheetah mother with two cubs

Predators are prolific in Tarangire National Park

Camps and Lodges in Tarangire National Park

Take a look at our curated list of lodgings amidst Tarangire National Park's picturesque landscapes. From enchanting tented camps to opulent lodges, each offering its own distinctive charm, we make planning your Tanzania safari effortless and enjoyable. Find the perfect retreat to complement your African adventure.

Elevated viewing deck at Oliver's Camp

Choose from a variety of cosy tented camps and sumptuous lodges, Image Credit: Oliver's Camp

Plan Your Own Tarangire National Park Safari 

Immerse yourself in an exclusive, intimate, and unforgettable Tanzania safari at Tarangire National Park. If your heart yearns for solitude amidst Africa's most sought-after creatures, our team of Travel Experts is here to assist you in planning your Tarangire National Park safari. Reach out to us today and embark on your extraordinary adventure.

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