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Rhino Africa “Winterproofs” Khumbulani Daycare for Mandela Day 2023


By Tania de Kock on July 18, 2023

Here in Cape Townwe've experienced an exceptionally cold and rainy winter so far. So, for Mandela Day 2023, we decided to "winterproof" our Impact Partner, Khumbulani Daycare. A haven for children affected and infected by HIV/AIDS, it's a cause that's very near and dear to our hearts. 

The smiling faces of the Khumbulani children

These radiant smiles warmed up our wintery day

What is Mandela Day?

Every year on the late Nelson Mandela's birthday, 18 July, South Africans spend 67 minutes giving back and creating an impact. The 67 minutes is symbolic of the number of years Mandela fought for human rights and ending apartheid.

Warming up Hands and Hearts 

Our Rhino Crash is always eager to pay the smiling little faces of the Khumbulani children a visit, and Mandela Day 2023 was no exception. This year, we decided to spend our 67 minutes with them again.

Armed with goodies to warm up their building and hearts, we headed to the daycare located in Khayelitsha.

Rhino Crash at Khumbulani Daycare for Mandela Da

Our Rhino Crash at Khumbulani for Mandela Day 2023

Our handy Rhino Crash members stepped in to help attach heater panels to the daycare's walls to ensure the cold stays where it belongs – outside. We hope this will help the children and teachers alike stay snug and keep them focused on their daily activities.

Rhino Crash putting up heater panels

Our handy Rhino Crash putting up the heater panels

Keeping the Lights on

Our team handed out cosy blankets, matrasses and hot water bottles to the children so they could stay warm even on the iciest of winter days.

But we also know that winter has other challenges than just staying warm. Electricity bills skyrocket during this season, and we wanted to help alleviate the financial burden this has on the daycare. Therefore, we gave them electricity vouchers to help keep up with the demand.

But in a country where electricity interruptions are a reality, we also raised funds to buy them an inverter to assist them in combatting the dreaded impact of load shedding.

Rhino Crash delivering winter blankets and hot water bottles

We always come bearing gifts when we visit Khumbulani

Ending on a Sweet Note

To sweeten the day, we served mouth-watering malva pudding and custard. A proudly South African dessert, it's one of our favourites! Thank you to everyone at Khumbulani for always welcoming us with open arms. We already can't wait until our next visit!

Malva pudding at Khumbualni

It's clear that we love our malva pudding

Pay it Forward this Mandela Day

Even though you might not be in South Africa this Mandela Day, we invite you to join in to celebrate Nelson Mandela's birthday with us by spending 67 minutes giving back.

Or, book your dream African holiday with our Travel Experts, and you'll directly contribute to helping support Khumbulani and our other Impact Partners. 

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