September 22

Quiz: What Kind of Rhino Are You?


September 22, 2023

Have you ever laid awake at night and asked yourself that all-important question… If I was a rhino, which type of rhino would I be? Luckily for you, we got you covered! Did you know that there are five different species of rhino? Africa is the proud home to the black and white rhinos, and Asia houses the remaining three species, namely the Javan, Sumatran and greater-horned rhinos. Take our quiz to find out which Rhino travel persona matches you best.

Embrace Your Inner Rhino Travel Persona in Africa! 

If getting up close and personal with the awe-inspiring white and black rhinos is something that tickles your fancy, we're happy to be your guide. 

Our African Travel Experts will tailor-make a holiday that suits your specific needs and wants. Whether it be culture, food, urban life, wildlife, or something a bit more indulgent, contact us today to start planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip!

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