September 22

Rhino Africa’s Promenade Parade for World Rhino Day 2023

September 22, 2023

Rhinos – we're obsessed with these real-life unicorns! In fact, we've cheekily dubbed ourselves the "Rhino Crash" here at Rhino Africa. However, as endangered African icons, they're in need of a little human TLC. So, today, on World Rhino Day 2023, we're spotlighting these incredible beings while supporting Wildlife ACT in its mission to save them. So, are you ready to join the parade? We sure are!

Black rhino in Namibia - celebrate World Rhino Day 2023 with us

We can't imagine a world without our rhinos

“World Rhino Day is special for us as it’s a day dedicated to our namesake. The day ensures rhinos are kept top of mind, and awareness is being raised yearly as a result. They are thus continually protected for our future and valued as the incredibly unique species they are!” – Samantha Myburgh, Travel Expert

Championing Rhinos on World Rhino Day 2023

Let's dish the deets on World Rhino Day 2023. This annual shindig goes down every September on the 22nd, honouring the planet's five rhino species and rallying troops to save them from extinction. This noble cause was first cooked up by the genius minds at WWF South Africa in 2010.

Since then, the day has been a symbol of charging the cause forward, uniting rhino sanctuaries, eco-warrior NGOs, businesses with a heart, and concerned citizens to raise awareness and funding for these horned wonders.

Our World Rhino Day 2023 walk in Cape Town

Happy faces and smiles all around

"A rhino represents power, strength and endurance, many of the qualities we represent at Rhino Africa. This day is a reminder of their resilience in nature and gives us the opportunity to protect their survival, ensuring a future where rhinos continue to exist for all of us to appreciate and cherish." – Simone Samuels, IT Lead Project Manager

Keep The Five Alive

So, let's get down to the rhino species roll call. We're talking about the black, white, greater one-horned, Sumatran, and Javan rhinos – the superstars of the rhino world. And our mantra for World Rhino Day 2023? It's "KEEP THE FIVE ALIVE," reminding us that only a handful of these beauties are left, and it's our job to help them thrive!

Rhino Africa's World Rhino Day 2023 walk in Cape Town

Together we can make a difference

"World Rhino Day provides an opportunity for us all to celebrate the achievements and recognise the dedicated efforts of organisations worldwide, regardless of their size, in raising awareness about the vital need to safeguard our precious wildlife. This includes not only the protection of endangered species but also the proactive prevention of future entries onto the endangered species list." – Landy Kent-Millar, Travel Expert

A Rhinopalooza on Sea Point Promenade

Now, when Rhino Africa steps up to the plate, we don't just tiptoe; we bring the thunder! On World Rhino Day, we assembled at the bustling Sea Point Promenade in Cape Town, ready to impress.

Our Rhino Crash turned up in full force with extended families, friends, and, yes, even our four-legged pals. There were almost 80 of us championing the cause – and that's not even counting our beloved fur babies!

Rhino Africa celebrates World Rhino Day 2023 with friends and family

Our Rhino Africa family

"World Rhino Day serves as a platform to raise awareness and educate not only our Rhino Crash but also our friends, families, and communities about the grave threats rhinos face in the wild. It's an occasion for us to rally together, pool resources, and take action to safeguard these magnificent creatures." – Dean Van Rooyen, HR Coordinator

Dressed to Impress – Rhino Style!

We live by a motto at Rhino Africa: "We show up like pink flamingos." So, before we hit the streets, you know that we had to strut our stuff and make a statement. We whipped up some exclusive Rhino Africa World Rhino Day attire, and guess what? Every last dime from those shirts goes straight to Wildlife ACT to fuel their epic rhino-saving mission.

With our snazzy duds on, heads were turned, car horns hooted, people waved, and curious bystanders joined the jaunt. We were ready to get this show on the road!

Our World Rhino Day 2023 shirts

We like to dress for the occasion

“I've been fortunate enough to see some of the last remaining rhinos of the world in their natural habitat. I've seen them roaming the plains in Tanzania and munching leaves in Addo National Park. I've heard them drinking from a waterhole in the dead of night and listened to a crash snoring away in Kruger. On World Rhino Day, these memories flood my thoughts, and during those moments, my heartfelt wish is for the generations yet to come to share in these remarkable experiences.” – Gerhard Hefers, Travel Expert

Strutting Our Stuff in Support of Our Namesakes

Under the glorious spring sun and the fresh salty kiss of the ocean breeze, we huddled together to limber up before setting off on our World Rhino Day 2023 expedition. Among us, there were the seasoned sprinters and the leisurely strollers, all itching to get the show on the road! And with that, we were off!

As we paraded along the scenic seaside promenade, our Mother City didn't disappoint – deciding to flaunt her dazzling beauty. The backdrop of crashing waves provided a soothing serenade to the lively chatter that filled the air. It was an impeccable day to pay homage to rhinos – our beloved real-life unicorns of the wild.

Our Rhino Africa Crash walking on the Sea Point Promenade on World Rhino Day 2023

Walking along the Sea Point Promenade

"I've always known that rhinos are unicorns in disguise, and I'm totally obsessed with them! That's why, on World Rhino Day, I gladly take every step to keep their magic alive!" – Vicky Toms, Concierge Specialist

Ending on a Sweet Note

Our pals at Sotano, a popular restaurant in Mouille Point, opened their doors wide to welcome us for beverages and pastries after our procession. We gathered around, chatted about our morning escapade, and savoured delectable pastries and freshly brewed coffee. A big shout out to Sotano for their warm hospitality!

A crash of white rhinos - World Rhino Day 2023

A rhino crash sticks together

"World Rhino Day echoes the heartbeat of our planet's biodiversity. It's a day when we unite to declare that extinction is not an option and that the spirit of these magnificent creatures inspires us to stand as guardians of nature's wonders." – Yasmina Adams, Facilities Manager

Every Day is Rhino Day

Why restrict the rhino love to just one day? We're firm believers that every day should be World Rhino Day! That's why we're always on the lookout for ways to support Wildlife ACT in their fearless quest to save the rhinos. You can dive deep into their extraordinary work right here.

World Rhino Day 2023: Rhino Africa staff wearing rhino costumes

We are Rhinos!

“World Rhino Day reminds us to cherish the present and act for a future where rhinos thrive. To bring awareness to these incredible creatures and how we as humans can make a difference in their lives to protect them for future generations to come.” – Janine Gous, Travel Expert

Want to Join in on the Rhino-Saving Action?

If you want to play an important part this World Rhino Day, you can make a donation below. All donations will go to Wildlife ACT to assist them in the valuable conservation work they do.


Bank: FNB

Branch Code: 201409

Account Number: 62743783541

Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

Rhino at sunset

Let's keep them alive!

"What World Rhino Day signifies to me is that it connects people around the globe, young and old, reminding us to protect and conserve these magnificent mammals. It's an opportunity to educate people about the challenges they face and the importance of preserving their habitat and combating poaching. It's a privilege to be part of a company that does just that." – Barry Langenhoven, Sales Manager

Leave Your Mark in Africa

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