October 3

5 Most Beautiful Places in Mozambique


October 3, 2023

Have you ever dreamt of exploring the most extraordinary places in Mozambique? Well, Rhino Africa's got you covered. We've combed the country from the mainland to the islands and can't wait to share our insights and discoveries. From paradise beaches to historical treasure troves, here are our picks of the five most beautiful places in Mozambique.

Dazzling sunset in one of the most beautiful places in Mozambique

Spellbinding places in Mozambique, Image Credit: Santorini Mozambique

1. Bazaruto Archipelago – A Sweet Slice of Paradise

Picture crystal-clear waters, sugar-white beaches, and coral reefs brimming with magnificent marine life. That's the Bazaruto Archipelago for you – a tropical utopia that feels like a daydream. And our top tip? Explore the archipelago's islands, from Bazaruto to Benguerra and Magaruque. You won't regret it!

White sandy beach fringed with palm trees

Bazaruto Archipelago has so many unspoilt beaches, Image Credit: Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort

Here, snorkelling, scuba diving, sunbathing and dhow sailing are staple pastimes. But there are so many more bespoke experiences, too – think horse-riding, castaway picnics, dugong encounters and more! So, if you're after a tranquil and picture-perfect escape, this is where you'll find it, among the most enticing places in Mozambique.

Guests arriving by boat for an awaiting private beach picnic

Relish in a castaway picnic when staying on Benguerra Island, Image Credit: &Beyond Benguerra Island

2. Benguerra Island – A Romantic Retreat

To fully divulge the most beautiful places in Mozambique, we would be remiss not to dive deeper into the wonders of Benguerra Island. As the second largest island within the Bazaruto Archipelago, this barefoot beach hideaway welcomes you with warm, inviting waters, immaculate coral reefs, picturesque beaches and serene freshwater lakes.

Candle-lit beach dinner

Spend a lifetime just lounging about in one of the most romantic places in Mozambique, Image Credit: Azura Benguerra Island

To truly immerse yourself in the island's dream-like allure, consider indulging in a stay at Azura Benguerra Island or &Beyond Benguerra Island, both of which offer attractive accommodations and experiences that allow you to fully absorb the island's charms.

Massage on private deck overlooking the ocean

An island hideaway set on a protected lagoon, Image Credit: &Beyond Benguerra Island

3. Vilanculos – Your Doorway to Idyllic Islands

Vilanculos serves as the gateway to the Bazaruto Archipelago, making it an essential stop on your Mozambican adventure. This place is all about the vibes, with bustling markets, seafood feasts, and locals as warm as the sun-kissed sands. Oh! And it's also home to some of the most exquisite places in Mozambique, of course!


World-class scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing and many other water sports like kayaking, Image Credit: Santorini Mozambique

Take a boat trip to nearby islands, where dolphins play, and hidden coves await your discovery. Whether you're craving relaxation or adventure, Vilanculos is a hub of excitement and one of the hottest places in Mozambique.

Views across the expanse of Vilanculos Bay

Views across the expanse of a Vilanculos beach, Image Credit: Santorini Mozambique

4. Santorini Mozambique – Seaside Serenity

One must include Santorini Mozambique when discussing the enchanting Vilanculos. This remarkable establishment graces the shores of Vilanculos Bay. Its collection of Grecian villas, spread across multiple levels, draws inspiration from the turquoise waters that echo the beauty of the Greek Isles.

Sala bar at dusk

Views across the Vilanculos Bay, Image Credit: Santorini Mozambique

Nestled between lush forests and the Indian Ocean, you can relish both the seclusion and the allure of underwater adventures and various land and water sports. The villa interiors mirror the stunning surroundings with their soft and graceful design. Each villa is equipped with a private balcony offering splendid sea views.

Santorini Mozambique private villa exterior

Grecian-inspired villa on a private stretch of pearly beach, Image Credit: Santorini Mozambique

5. Gorongosa National Park – A Wild Wonderland

Mozambique's beaches certainly stand out, however, if you're hankering for a different kind of beauty, Gorongosa National Park is your ticket. Known as the "Place Where Noah Left His Ark," this national park is an inspiring conservation success story. It's home to a cast of characters, from elephants to lions and over 400 feathered friends. 

Bushbuck on an anthill

Once one of the most diverse national parks in Africa, with many endemic species

Get ready for a safari like no other as you navigate lush landscapes, pristine lakes, and rugged terrain. Gorongosa's wildlife resurgence showcases nature's tenacity and is one of the wildest places in Mozambique.

Sunset over Gorongosa National Park

Gorongosa National Park boasts a collection of varied ecosystems

Many More Mozambique Marvels

We must admit it was tough to narrow down the most beautiful places in Mozambique to just five. Its beauty really knows no bounds. So, it's important to bear in mind that the country boasts numerous dazzling destinations. The best place for you ultimately depends on your interests. 

Get in touch with our team of Travel Experts, who are ready to help you discover your perfect Mozambique retreat!

Featured Image: Azura Benguerra Island

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